13 office chair decorating ideas you do not want to miss

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: August 24, 2021
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If you’re looking for some creative ways to spruce up your office space, take a look at this list of ideas. From using fun colors and patterns to adding comfort with pillows and cushions, these are just a few of the many options available. You don’t have to spend too much money or time on big changes because simple alterations can make a huge difference!

13 office chair decorating ideas and DIY guides

Following are the 20 easy ways to decorate your office chair. However, as much as possible don’t go for the easy way out and make sure you put in a lot of thought and effort into your workplace decorating ideas because this will give it its own unique personality that when combined with all of the other details (like using fun colors on walls or carpet) will create a space that is not only functional but also a place where you want to spend time.

1. Pillows

For more comfort use decorative pillows. One way to stay organized while providing style at the same time is by choosing a decorative pillow like an envelope or letter-shaped one for your office chair, then store pens and pencils inside of it! This is great because these storage pillows can be tucked away or pulled out when needed.

Another neat idea is to line the back of the chair with decorative pillows. Simply lay them over each side and tuck them in behind one another so that they form an attractive pattern. This will also make your office chair more comfortable!

How to do this myself?

It’s very easy to do! Instead of buying expensive pillows from the market, you should try making your own. If you want a cushioned seat, then why not use a bolster pillow? You can dress it up with some fabric, velcro, or ribbon. In addition, you can sew them or just paint some cheap fabric in a fun pattern. You’ll also be able to coordinate the color and patterns with your overall office color theme!

2. Use scarf for decoration

Here’s an idea that is sure to add a personal touch to your office chair. Decorating your office chair using a scarf actually works! This will make your office chair look different and unique Plus, using scarves as decor is not only fashionable but practical too because they can be used as blankets or handkerchiefs when needed.

How to do it myself?

It just takes a little time! Yes, you read it right. Instead of hiring a designer, you can do it in just an hour. In case you don’t owe an old scarf, buy yourself some colorful scarfs and tie them loosely around the arms of the chair. You can just tuck them inside the armrest or tie them underneath the chair.

3. Try some ribbons

If you’re looking for something more permanent, try adding ribbons instead of decorative pillows. Ribbons and bows are really easy to make quick and inexpensive decorations for any office space. They can be made of many things including silk, velvet, satin, or crochet (or even yarn!)

How to do this myself?

Simply tie a few different colored ribbons together and loop them through the arms or back of the chair. You can also play with different colors and textures until you find something that is pleasing to your eye. Otherwise, try using one color at a time for each ribbon or bow; then create a rainbow effect by alternating between two or three colors in sequence. Be sure to attach each decoration securely so it doesn’t slip off!

4. Paint spray

You can give your office chair a cool new look by simply painting it! To make this idea a reality, first, decide which color you want your chair to be. There are many choices available including black for an edgy, aesthetic vibe and brown for a more classical look.

How to do this myself?

The process is super easy because there is no need to use a paintbrush. Simply cover the seat with a plastic sheet so that it doesn’t get dirty. Then use spray paint cans in any design of your choice to decorate the surface. That’s all! When done, wipe it off with a damp cloth or sponge that has been dipped in soapy water. Wipe until all traces of paint have disappeared from your chair.

5. Cloth frill

Another simple idea is to make a frill out of fabric. If you don’t like your chair’s seat, take off the cushion and replace it with an upholstered one. You can use any colors from bright to soothing or neutral ones. This is great because if you get tired of it, then all that you have to do is buy a new cover!

How to do this myself?

Cut a piece of cloth into strips that are about an inch wide and long enough to fit under your office chair’s back. The length should be at least equal to the width of the back of the chair plus about 3 inches for sewing and an extra 1/2″ on each end so that it fits securely in place.

6. Polish your chair

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then try polishing the existing chair instead. You can bring new life into your office by simply changing how shiny or matte your chair is.

How to do this myself?

First, put some polish on an old rag and wipe down your desk chair. You will have to work with it for a few minutes in order to get rid of all the junk that has been building upon the surface. Once done, let it dry and give it another coat until it becomes shiny again! If it’s too glossy for your liking apply some wax paper to the surface so that the excess polish won’t continue to build up.

7. Suede covers

Wanting something extra fancy? Then try this! Suede is a great way to update your chair. Simply cut the suede into shape so that it will fit comfortably over your office chair’s back. You can use cool colors like black or brown, or bright ones like red and orange!

How to do this myself?

Simply attach the suede cover by first sewing the top and bottom parts onto the side of the chair. Use a few stitches here in order to make sure that they stay on securely! Afterward, sew up any holes around seams as well as along corners (and be sure not to leave any open spaces where you stitched!)

8. Try some buttons

Put some buttons on your office chair to make it even fancier! You can also use them as decoration or simply to add fun, quirky elements to the style of your room.

How to do this myself?

Simply tie a few different colored ribbons together and loop them through the arms or back of the chair. You can also play with different colors and textures until you find something that is pleasing to your eye.

9. Bows

Bows are a great way to make your chair look fancier! They can be used basically for any type of celebration or special event. Even if you’re not into planning, it is still fun to play with the different colors and patterns available. In case, you don’t want your chair to look fancy, make only a bow and sew it on the back of your chair.

How to do this myself?

For step one, take a ribbon and fold it in half (make sure it’s long enough to reach the back of your chair). For step two, gently pull the ends apart so that they form an “X”. For step 3, fold each end underneath itself about 2-4 inches from where you started at the center seam of the ribbon. Use fabric glue or stapler to attach a small piece of matching material on top of these folded areas, just under where you pulled them apart when making step two above. And here you have it!

10. Plastic covering

Sometimes you can simply cover the cushion of your chair or the whole chair just by using plastic coverings. Using plastic covers is a great way to keep your office chair in shape and look fresh at the same time. Plastic covers have an additional protective benefit. They prevent your office chairs from scratches, stains, discoloration, dust, and even pet hair.

How to do this myself?

Simply cut your plastic sheet (a garbage bag will work) so that it is long enough to cover the entire seat of your chair. Then tape the bottom securely to the base of the chair — not too tightly otherwise you’ll see wrinkles in places where there are folds. Afterward, stretch it carefully over the back of the chair. Be sure not to leave any gaps or holes around seams or corners! The end goal is for everything to be covered and secured so that no one can see inside — do whatever works best for you!

11. Using Velvet to decorate office chair

This is a great idea for this type of chair. Velvet can give your room a dramatic look. You can also use different colors of velvet for the chair, especially if you have more than one office chair and want to give each one a unique color/design. You can try covering only the armrest of your chair, so you can remove them once you want to renovate your chair again.

How to do this myself?

To use velvet to decorate your office chair, first measure the surface area that you want to be covered. It should be slightly larger so that it can easily pull right over. Then place a piece of cardboard or foam on top and trace the shape of it on the backing with a permanent marker.

Cut out some thin strips from leftover scraps of fabric and use them to cover up all the raw edges. Finally, attach the strips to the underside of your chair. Make sure that everything is covered and that there are no open gaps!

12. Holo Wreath

You’ve probably heard this one before: if you want an inexpensive decoration for your office chair that will make a big impact, use holo wreaths. You might be wondering that wreaths are made of fancy materials, which you can’t use for office chair decoration. But you could be wrong!

How to do this myself?

To make a wreath for your office chair, you need some wire and few different colors of yarn. You can also incorporate any other material such as raffia, ribbon, beads or even ribbons into the process. Apply glue or stapler to the ends of your yarn pieces and then twist them around the wire until it looks like a wreath (or whatever form you prefer).

Hang on the back of your chair with those two small screws that usually hold up your seat cushion. Put on top of it pine cones or seashells that are small in size and light enough so they aren’t going to pull down from the weight of these decorations. And you are done!

13. Polyester covers

You can give your office chair a new look simply by using polyester covers. There are many different designs available so you have the option of choosing something that works best for your needs. You could also try using different colors and patterns on individual chairs in order to create an interesting scheme.

This idea is suitable for chairs with arms since the covers will only be used to decorate them. This means that if you want to change the cover again at some point, this won’t necessarily mean that you have to buy a whole new set.

How to do this myself?

First, measure the seat of your chair and then cut out a piece of polyester cover in the same size. If you are going to use more than one layer, make sure that all layers are slightly larger so they can pull over easily. Once you have your fabric ready, simply attach it to the arms.

Final thoughts

To sum up, If you are seeking office chair covers make sure that you have considered all these tips before buying them. A few do-it-yourself tricks can completely transform an ordinary seat into something trendy yet comfortable enough to sit on all day long.

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