Are bamboo chairs waterproof?

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: August 28, 2021
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Are bamboo chairs waterproof?

Have you ever been sitting in a bamboo chair and all of the sudden, water starts to leak out from underneath your bottom?

In this situation, you might ask, “Are bamboo chairs waterproof?”. The answer is, No, they are not waterproof. Although they can resist water to some extent, they aren’t perfectly water-resistant.

This blog post has everything you need to know about the waterproof property of bamboo chairs: To what extent they can resist water and what to do if you have spilled water on them?

So, let’s begin!

What is a bamboo chair

Before we start answering the major question of this blog post, it is important to know what we are talking about. Bamboo chairs – as the name implies – are chairs made out of bamboo.

Bamboo is a grass that belongs to the staple food category and it grows in many countries such as China, Thailand, the Philippines, India, etc. The word “bamboo” can be used to refer to any of over 1000 different species of woody plants!

These chairs were introduced into Western society in Europe during the 16th century and later on, they became popular all around the world. Not only because they are easy on wallets but also due to their unique design and ingenious nature.

Why this question?

But why does this question arises? Why is there a need to have a waterproof chair?

Exposure to rain

Well, the need for waterproofing arises when you are outdoors and there is a possibility of water spilling on your chair.

For example, imagine that you are taking a break from your hiking session and sitting in these bamboo chairs admiring the view around. All of the sudden, it starts raining so you have no choice but to stay put until the rain stops. You will definitely not want to get up and run around because you might slip on an unseen leaf underneath all that water!

So, at this point having a waterproof chair would be a great help. It will ensure that you don’t slip while getting up or down from your chair so as not to hurt yourself while trying to dodge raindrops!

Need to clean/wash chairs

Another reason why it is important to make these chairs waterproof is that you might need to clean or wash them. For example, if there are kids in your house and they spilled their milk on the floor, then you might want to make sure that cleaning doesn’t lead to puddles of water around your bamboo chair!

Also, when it comes to washing the chair with soap and water, you will not like sitting in a dirty/soapy chair for hours so having a waterproof one would be helpful here too.

To what extent bamboo chairs are waterproof?

When it comes to the question of how waterproof a bamboo chair is, we must be clear about what needs to be waterproofed.

Water resistance rating of bamboo chairs

Bamboo chairs have a water resistance rating (WRR) which ranges between 0-6. This means that the lowest possible WRR is 0 and the highest is 6.

This WRR depends on the type of bamboo that was used and the different stages of processing the bamboo had to go through. So, if you want to know the exact water resistance rating for your chair, check out what it says on the label of your product.

If there isn’t any such label then chances are that it is a 3 or 4 only since these ratings are mostly present in low-end products. On the other hand, high-end products usually have 5 or 6 WRR which means they are almost waterproof (the highest possible WRR being 6).

Indoor use only

These chairs are waterproof only if they are used indoors, and that is to say not exposed to rain. They are not waterproof if exposed to water for a long time. Also, they can’t stand against even light splashes.

Can stand wet cloth

Although these chairs will be damaged in rain, you can clean them with a wet/damp cloth. There is absolutely no harm in cleaning them.

To what extent bamboo chairs are not waterproof?

Outdoor chairs

If you are looking for chairs that can resist water in outdoor conditions, then these chairs would not be a good option. They will definitely get wet/damp if exposed to rain or snow and might even get moldy since they don’t dry fast enough.  

Exposure to soap

Cleaning them using soap and water will also damage them, so avoid cleaning your favorite bamboo chairs with a soap solution.

Exposure to liquid paint

Bamboo chairs are definitely not recommended for places where there is a possibility of liquid paint spilling. The porous nature of bamboo will soak the liquid and then it might become impossible to get rid of later on.

Related Questions

Which type of bamboo chairs have some waterproof property?

There are mainly two types of bamboo chairs that are available in the market. The ones for outdoor usage are the ones that you should buy. Why? Because they are more water-resistant.

Outdoor bamboo chairs are made from real wood (bamboo) and have a good water-resistance rating so they aren’t much damaged in rain. The main disadvantage here is that these products usually have a very low WRR, probably 3 or 4 only so you won’t like sitting on the wet/damp!

How should I clean bamboo chairs without using water?

One way to clean your chair without using water is to rub it with a dry cloth. You can use a little wet cloth, but make sure water is not dripping from the cloth. Beware of spraying water on the chair as it may cause damage to the wood and we all know that bamboo chairs are not waterproof just like teakwood.

How I can make my Bamboo Chair waterproof?

People worry a lot about it since the non-waterproof property becomes a problem which will also create discomfort in sitting over them.

Here’s good news for you! There are a few tricks o help you make your favorite bamboo chair a bit water-resistant.

  1. If your furniture item has a wooden layer then this will help you to make your furniture more waterproof.
  2. You can use wood-based paint so that water cannot enter in the surface of furniture and it may damage your bamboo seat.
  3. You can also apply few layers of varnish or lacquer which will act as an impregnable sealant for your chair. But keep in mind that you should apply them after every six months; otherwise, the surface might lose its property to yield away all the liquid from entering the product.
  4. As natural bamboo is not much durable against rainwater so if you would like to make it more stronger than simply sanding your chair with fine grit sandpaper is enough to give a perfect finishing look by filling small pores and removing splinters.

Final Thoughts

This article will definitely help you to understand which type of bamboo chairs have some waterproof properties and how to clean them without using water.

If you still worry about those water spills on your bamboo chairs, follow the recommendation mentioned above.

Lastly, remind yourself one more time; don’t use soap solutions for cleaning the natural bamboo furniture.

So, enjoy sitting in our favorite bamboo chair!

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