Are Secretlab chairs worth it? The ultimate guide to buying Secretlab chairs

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  • Date: August 25, 2021
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Are Secretland chairs worth it? The Pros & Cons

Secretlab is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after chair companies in the world. They are known for their sleek and stylish design that is also ergonomically designed to provide comfort and support while you game.

But are Secretlab chairs worth it? The short answer is, Yes, these chairs are worth the price because they have the best designs, are available in a range of sizes, are highly customizable, and are very durable.

However, there are a number of things you should know before making a purchase decision.

In this blog post, we will discuss how these chairs are worth the price tag by examining some of their features, what customers have said about them, and how much money they can save you over time.

Secretlab chairs are ergonomic products to provide support for gamers and office workers. From the day they launched in December 2014, these up-and-coming designers have had a mindset of designing and manufacturing quality furniture for people who enjoy comfort and style. They’ve been making strides since their inception with an innovative design process that’s ushering in a new era of furniture material technologies.

It is interesting to know that the Secretlab was founded by two former sportsmen, Ian Ang and Alaric Choo.

Now, let’s see what are the key features or pros of these chairs.

What are the key features of Secretlab chairs?

Ergonomic design

Secretlab chairs are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and support while you game. They are made with materials that are breathable, comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. Their design can conform to your body shape so it is perfect for all shapes and sizes of gamers out there!

Dual stitching and replacement able PU leather ensure that you can replace your gaming chair’s cover for the price of one; perfect if you or someone in your family cuts the fabric with a sharp object.

Original Designs

Secretlab chairs are constantly coming up with original designs that are fashionable and stylish. it is largely known in the market that Secretlab chairs are not ‘copy cats.’ They have unique designs which offer features that are tailored to customer needs.

Secretlab chairs generally come under three categories of chairs, each to serve the specific needs of customers.

  1. Secretlab Omega

These are the smallest chairs in the Secretlab portfolio. These chairs are cheap in price and are most suitable for small spaced rooms.

  1. Secretlab Titan

These are the mid-range chairs, both in size and price. These are probably the most popular choices in the Secretlab line of chairs.

  1. Secretlab Titan XL

As the name suggests, the Titan XL chairs are designed for tall and big people. These chairs have the biggest size and are cost more than the other two categories. The Titan XL is an oversized gaming chair that can be relied on for years to come.

The Secretlab Titan comes with 4D armrests, giving users the ability to move them up or down, forward or backward, left or right, and by a sideway angle.

The interesting thing about all these chairs is that their designs are so unique that you can distinguish a Secretlab chair from a distance.  

Affordable price

Despite excellent features, the price range of these chairs is not as daunting as many of its competitors. The Secretland Titan XL costs around $500.

The Secretland chairs are available in leather as well as softweave fabric. The softweave fabric chairs are generally cheaper than their leather counterparts. For example, the PU leather Omega chair costs $360, the Napa leather Omega chair costs $750 whereas the Softweave fabric Omega chair costs $380.

Similarly, the PU leather Titan chair costs $400, the Napa leather Omega chair costs $800 whereas the Softweave fabric Omega chair costs $425. The Titan XL PU leather chair costs $480 whereas the Titan XL softweave chair would cost around $500.

Customization options

Secretlab offers many customization options so you can choose how much cushioning, headrest height, armrest length, etc., you want on your own personal chair design – all without having to have custom-made furniture and waiting weeks for it! This makes ordering easy as well as convenient.

At Secretlab, you can find a wide selection of colors for your gaming chair. Take the Softweave Titan Gaming Chair: this material is available in black, charcoal-cream, charcoal-blue, and even pink. These low-profile shades are more sensible than other gaming chairs that come in brighter colors (except the pink version).

Airbag system

Their seats have a special “airbag” system which helps reduce any pressure points on the upper back or lower spine during long gaming sessions as well as adding more cushioning where needed. The airbags also help give it a sleek appearance because they look like they are floating in mid-air!

Adjustable armrests

The armrests adjust up and down according to their height settings which means one chair will fit everyone. They are also designed to give a more natural posture while your game so you are not slouching over your keyboard or controller for hours on end!


Their chairs are built with durability in mind, which means they will last through the long hours of gaming and won’t break down as fast.

5 years warranty

All Secretlab products come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty against defects and poor workmanship.

What have customers said about them?

People who use Secretlab chairs say that it has made their experience much better. Here are some examples: “I absolutely love my secret lab gaming chair I am able to play games longer than before without feeling stiff after.”

Another customer shared how this chair helped make his gaming experience much more enjoyable. “I’ve been a gamer for many years and after I bought this chair, it made my gaming sessions so much better.”

Thus, Secretland chairs are known in the market for their satisfactory customer reviews and positive feedback. These chairs are earned their name for a good reason.

How can you save money?

In the long run, Secretlab chairs are actually worth every penny! They are durable enough to last a lifetime which means that they will save you tons of cash in the future.

For example: if your old computer chair was only able to stand up to 50 hours before breaking down, with one Secretlab chair set at $599 USD or $699 AUD (depending on where you are), it would take an estimated 75 years until the cost of owning two chairs equals one single seat from the secret lab! In other words, by just replacing one chair, you are saving a lot of money in the long run.

What are the Cons of buying a Secretland chair?

While you read this blog post, you must know that this is not affiliate marketing content. I do not get paid to write my opinion here. So, I’d like to bring your attention to some of the negatives of these chairs as well.

  • They are usually very heavy and would require two people to move them around.
  • Some customers say that the product is too expensive while others are willing to spend more money on quality products.
  • Their customer service department does not seem reliable either because many orders get delayed or canceled due to the specifics of that customer.
  • These chairs have large branding on them which sometimes make them look like an advertisement board. If you are somebody who is only concerned with the comfort of the chair, then these chairs are the best ones for you. However, if you are somebody who likes a decent, one-colored chair then you might not want these chairs.
  • Excessive sweating is an issue with PU leather gaming chairs, and Secretlab chairs are no exception. However, this issue can be solved by taking short breaks to get up and move about every hour or so.

Final thoughts

So, what do we conclude here? Are Secretlab chairs worth it?

They are worth it! But, are they the best chairs in the world? No.

Secretlab chairs are great for people of all heights and sizes because their adjustable armrests will always fit them to a perfect degree. They are also durable enough to last your lifetime which means that once you buy one, your investment is secured for years to come. It’s not everyday you find such high-quality products without being overcharged or paying too much money!!

However, there are some cons that must be considered as well before deciding on this purchase. Most Secretlab chairs are heavy and require two people to move them around (this might not be an issue if you have help moving furniture).

The point here is, every product comes with some pros and cons. But in an overall context, these are great chairs and should be your first choice in this price bracket.

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