5 Best Office Chairs That Recline For Naps (And 2 chairs you should avoid)

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: August 20, 2021
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There is a reason why every office has an office chair. They are essential for sitting all day and working with the computer, but what about when you need to take a break? Professionals working in the office are often looking for the best office chairs that recline for naps. These office chairs can help you get some rest during your workday.

But when it comes to choosing an office chair that reclines, there is a whole lot of choices available in the market. And if you are one of those very busy professionals who do not have time to survey the market to choose the best office chair that reclines that this blog post will be of immense value to you.

Based on our expert opinion, analysis of thousands of customers reviews, and product research of our team, we have compiled a list of 5 reclining office chairs that could be the best fit your needs. In addition, we have figured out two office chairs that you must avoid.

 This blog post will provide you information on the pros and cons of each of these chairs and will recommend the best choice to you.

5 Best Office Chairs That Recline For Naps

1. DEVAISE Ergonomics Recliner Office Chair

What We Like:

  • Synchronized tilt mechanism.
  • Adjustable pull-out footrest
  • Weight capacity 300 lbs.
  • Anti-explosion structure.
  • Gas lift cylinder

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for people over 6 feet tall.

Imagine the relief from a long day of sitting in an office chair so much that you’ll sit on it for hours after work. The DEVAISE Ergonomics Recliner Office Chair is your opportunity to feel like home more than ever before with its ultra-comfortable foam padding and quick pull-out footrest.

And who wants to get up after only working for an hour or two? Certainly not anybody with this ergonomic, adjustable height recliner.

The features just keep coming as the linkage armrests are customizable, and so too is the height of the seat for optimal comfort all day long! With 300 lbs weight capacity, no matter what shape you’re in; we can guarantee there’s room enough for one more around this

This DEVAISE Ergonomics Recliner Office Chair is perfect for everyday use, as it eases pain with the adjustable backrest reclining angle from 90 to 160 degree.

With comfortable headrest and seat cushion that release spinal pressure, this chair makes positions more comfortable. The lumbar support can be adjusted to meet needs of people of different heights when reducing pressure.

With synchronized tilt mechanism providing smooth, effortless flopping between working angles and resting angles like “90 degree for work” form fitting anytime during the day without putting in much effort – up to a full length nap at 160 degrees if one wanted (which provides an adjustable footrest for ease).

2. Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

What we Like:

  • Double layer ergonomic backrest
  • Thickened headrest and cushion filled with high-density native sponge
  • Can be reclined up to 135 and locked in any angle between 90-135 degree.
  • Shock absorbing mute nylon wheels

What we don’t like:

  • Doesn’t raise high enough, not ideal for tall people.
  • Footrest doesn’t extend far enough
  • The assembly instructions are not clear.

The Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair is designed to be the most comfortable desk chair today. Its ergonomic, backless support system will cradle your body while it encourages healthy hours of sitting and reclining.

What better way for a busy professional like you to spend time? The thickened headrest ensures that you’ll always have soft material padding against your skull while the low seat offers quick relief from tired feet. And don’t forget all those adjustments! With nifty levers and knobs, changing heights or angles will never take more than a minute. Finally, synthetic leather makes this incredibly long-lasting chair just as durable as it is beautiful!

Designed by ergonomics experts, the Hbada Executive Office Chair is perfect for office hours! Easily adjust your position or chair back with a simple touch of a button. This sleek design features an ultra-padded linkage armrest that adjusts with recline angle to provide you maximum comfort in any chosen position, every time.

The durable steel frame holds up even during those long days so you can focus on work and not worry about relaxing chair quality. Precisely engineered nylon shock absorbers are installed for responsive control when going over bumps or climbing stairs, and silent rotating wheel casters allow for safe movement around furniture without scratching floors as other chairs do.

3. Ergousit ergonomic office chair

What We Like:

  • Easy to install
  • Breathable mesh chair
  • Can support over 300 lbs weight.
  • Headrest is height adjustable.
  • Flip-up armrest

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not suitable if you are over 6 feet tall.
  • Wheels are not smooth
  • Armrests not adjustable in height.

This ergonomic office chair is sold with a lifetime warranty that offers all the features you could ask for in an ergonomic chair. The backrest can be positioned up to 110 degrees which accommodate different spine angles, and even tilts back if needed.

The headrest has 2 inches of vertical adjustment so it will always meet your needs and feel snug without feeling constricted. This mesh chair is breathable as well, making it healthier to sit in for long periods of time than other chairs on the market today.

The Ergousit office chair is an alluring and ingenious device.  It’s not like those old, outdated chairs that just end up giving you a sore neck and shoulder from hunching over your keyboard for hours on end.

The Ergousit has armrests that flip up so you can work with less strain, providing you the ultimate comfort as your work finally starts to feel good. This chair also supports weight over 300 pounds which means it’s going to last through years of tough wear and tear without any signs of wear at all!

You can adjust the tilt angle using the cylindrical adjuster knob for ergonomics tailored to your body style, relieving pain in both backaches and fatigue.

4. SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

What We Like:

  • Armrest adjustable in 3 directions.
  • 5 tilting angels.
  • Supports the spine and maintains the S-Curve
  • Forward tilt can be easily adjusted.
  • 30-day trial and 3 year warranty.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Poor seat cushion
  • Poor customer support.

The SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair is the perfect balance of style and support. It maintains your spine’s natural shape by aligning with the S-Curve, while being ergonomically designed to be comfortable for any size person.

The armrests can slide forward to give you easier access when resting them on your desk. And it’s affordable! Take back control over back pain today with more than just pills – give yourself a brand new office chair.

SIDIZ T50 is a sleek and comfortable home office desk chair, with 5 adjustable settings; it can be adjusted with ease from leaning back on an incline at 10 degrees to sitting upright in a 90 degree position- no easy feat for just one low price! Mesh backing keeps you cool when things heat up while looking chic even after use.

Back height adjusts and tilts 0-180 degrees to nestle your head for neck support during work time or push off the stress of daily life before lapsing into sleep anytime! Introduce this space saving standing task chair as part of your dream workstation arrangement right now today or sell them at top dollar prices.

5. Furmax Office Chair

What We Like:

  • Thick padded seat.
  • Heavy duty base with 360 degree swivel wheels.
  • Wing-type back support.
  • Weight capacity 265 lbs.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Quality of the gas cylinder is compromised.
  • Assembly instructions not clear.

The Furmax Office Chair is designed for high-performance yet still offers an impressive range of features to make it one of the most comfortable office chairs you can buy.

Filled-in with high density sponge, this chair offers excellent lumbar support so that you can sit down and focus on what matters: your work. With a weight capacity 265 lbs., tailored precisely for heavier people in need of targeted comfort.

Featuring 360-degree swivel casters for convenient mobility, this chair will have you going from desk to meeting in seconds – and back again! And finally, we would like to point out that all the legs meet BIFMA certification requirements so as not to compromise ergonomics or quality standards over time.

This state of the art, ergonomic office chair is great for anyone who spends long hours sitting in front of a computer every day. The back support and thick padding will make you feel right at home while you work, alleviating any aches or pains that come from being seated for too long.

You’ll love how easily this chair moves around on its heavy duty floor runners with 360 degree swivel wheels so it can go just about anywhere inside your office without leaving a rubber footprint on the ground beneath it!

2 Office Chairs That Should Avoid

1. OFM Avenger Series Big and Tall Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair

Why You Must Avoid This Chair

  • Poorly designed based.
  • No lumbar adjustment.
  • Overpriced.
  • Chairs squeaks.
  • Very difficult to assemble
  • More than 40% customers rated 3 stars or less.

The price of the chair is not justified. The base of this chair is poorly designed. It prevents lumbar adjustment, which means you can’t get the right fit for your body or use it properly if you have back problems.

Majority of users have reported squeaky sounds coming out of this chair despite lubrication. In addition, the chair is very difficult to assemble.

We therefore do not recommend buying this office chair. Based on our detailed analysis of the reviews left by previous customers, we calculated than near 50% of the customers regret their decision of buying this chair. Moreover, many customers have complained that the chair comes with a rip in the back.

2. Vinsetto 360° Swivel Office Chair

Why You Must Avoid This Chair

  • Poor quality cushion.
  • Does not stay up when leaning back.
  • Poor back of the chair.
  • Prone to tipping forward.

We do not recommend this chair due to multiple reasons. First, it does not actually provide you the comfort that it promises. We have found users complaining that the cushion of the chair is of poor quality; it goes flat after a couple of months.

Moreover, the reclining system of the chair is not great. In most cases, the chair would not stay up when leaning back. This is particularly problematic if you need a chair to take a quick nap in the office.

A critical design issue in this chair is that the centre of gravity is odd. The chair is prone to tip forward which is not great if you use chair for long hours. Overall, we believe there are much better options in this price bracket and therefore we advise against choosing this office chair.

Final Thoughts

The best office chair is the one that matches your needs and offers a comfortable experience. It should be something you can enjoy for hours on end without straining yourself. Make sure that the product you buy has good lumbar support, has extended footrest to help you take a quick nap in the office and comes with a good warranty.

We want to make sure our customers are satisfied with their purchase so please contact us if anything doesn’t match what we discussed here or if there’s any other questions about which model would suit you best!

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