Can you put chair rail in bathroom

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: August 15, 2021
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The short answer is, Yes, you can put a chair rail in the bathroom!

I was once very confused on this topic. I searched on the internet, talked to architects, and discussed with building experts. And in this article, I am summarizing all I learned on this subject.

It can be difficult to find the perfect design for a bathroom. One of the more popular styles is a traditional or classic design, but can you put chair rail in the bathroom?

In this article we will explore can you put a chair rail in the bathroom and if it’s possible to incorporate this style into your bathroom renovations. We’ll also discuss how can you put a chair rail in the bathroom that can help add detail and interest to your space.

Can you put chair rail in the bathroom?

Bathrooms are often overlooked as a place for home design due to their limited space. This can make it difficult to incorporate traditional features such as chair rail in the bathroom. But designers have found ways around this issue with clever use of mirrors and lights that can give the illusion of more space.

Some homeowners will add a chair rail in the bathroom as an accent piece, for example above the vanity. However, this can be complicated if your existing design already incorporates chair rails or wainscotting that would need to be matched up with any new seatings and trim pieces you might put on walls around your toilet area.

There are some modern designs that use materials such as glass tiles for their floors which create more of an open feel than other traditional styles like wood plank flooring which can give more of a closed-off feeling.

You should also consider how much light is entering from outside into your space before deciding what color scheme to paint your walls so there isn’t too much contrast between brighter colors and darker ones in areas where they meet, such as the ceiling.

If you decide to use a traditional style of bathroom design, it may be worth considering what kind of finish to paint your walls. Wallpaper can make the space feel closed in while painted finished such as eggshell or glossier paints have more visual interest and provide an airy feeling for your room that is welcoming.

How high should a chair rail be in a bathroom?

Although it could vary depending on the ceiling height, a chair rail in the bathroom is typically 30-40 inches high. Installing a chair rail can be a fun DIY project if you enjoy doing such stuff. However, if you have not undertaken such projects before, I highly recommend you to take help from an expert technician.

What kind of chair rails can be installed in a bathroom?

There are two main types of designs:

Traditional/Classic is typically thin and made out of wood or vinyl. These can be installed to match the existing trim of your home, but you should consider what color scheme you want beforehand as they are available in a variety of colors that may not work with any other elements already present on the walls like paint or wallpaper.

The second type is Modern which features wider pieces that give more visual interest. They come in many different materials such as glass tile flooring, metal panels, and marble slabs so there is sure to be one for every design style!

Final thoughts

So, can you put chair rail in bathroom? Sure, you can. It all depends on your personal preferences, the design of your bathroom, and whether or not you want to give your bathroom that classical look. Most modern-day bathrooms have rail chairs installed in them and it gives them a pretty elegant look. In fact, it would be nice to take a look at some of those bathrooms to get an idea of how bathrooms look like with chair rails.

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