Do office chairs come assembled?

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: August 9, 2021
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Do office chairs come assembled? Yes and no. Office chairs come fully assembled in the sense that everything should be in its respective place, and nothing is missing when your office supply box arrives at your home or office.

However, many office chairs require some moderate to extreme disassembling of certain parts before assembly can even begin, otherwise, how would we know what size screw goes where?

Are office chairs hard to assemble?

Depending on the office chair you choose, office chairs are typically very simple to assemble.  Most office chairs come with an instruction booklet that is easy to follow.

Also, when assembling office furniture, make sure you have a good table or desk for support while putting your office chair together and also a good place to store all the extra screws and bolts once you’ve finished assembling your office chair.

But with office chairs, there are some office chairs that are notoriously hard to assemble. These office chairs do not come with a good instruction booklet or easy-to-follow instructions and the office furniture is very complex to put together.

Some office chairs even have certain pieces already pre-assembled before the delivery arrives, but office chairs with pre-assembled pieces typically have a lot of extra screws and bolts.

Assembling an office chair is easy, and could be fun!

How long does it take to put together an office chair?

Most office chairs should be easy to assemble and shouldn’t take more than three hours. However, there are office chairs that can take up to six hours or even more depend on how complex the office chair is with all its various parts.

What tools will I need to put together my office furniture?

You could need anything from a basic office chair screwdriver or even a drill to tighten certain screws. For the most part, office furniture is simple to put together, and you don’t need any major tools or special office furniture tool kits.

Do office chairs come with instructions? Yes, they do! Most office chairs come with assembly instructions. They are usually included in the delivery box as well as online for your convenience. However, if there are no office chair assembly instructions then yes, office chairs do indeed come with assembly instructions and can be easily found online from some companies that assemble office chairs upon request, or many office supply stores have an “assembling department” where you may ask someone for help assembling your brand new office supplies.

Should I hire an expert to assemble an office chair?

The answer is clear and simple; you don’t, in fact, unless you want to shell out extra money for something that can likely be done by a novice with little time spent on the task. If you’re feeling frustrated during the assembly process, then just remember that someone assembled your new office desk chair before shipping it off and chances are they didn’t spend much time doing it either. This kind of assembly isn’t really worth paying someone else to do unless it’s simply not possible for you to complete your own.

What are the benefits of assembling an office chair by myself?

  • Economy – why spend extra money for office chair assembly when you can do it on your own? The office supplies necessary to put office desk chairs together are only a fraction of what professional installers would charge. This allows you to save big bucks!
  • Self-Esteem Boost – say goodbye to feeling helpless and incompetent as you put together an entire set of the new office furniture all by yourself! Chances are while assembling office furniture, especially if it’s the first time in doing so, that things won’t go perfectly smooth but don’t fret over it too much as mistakes happen and putting them back together properly is part of the learning process. No one else knows how your brand new office furniture was assembled unless they were shown so be proud of your office furniture assembly success!
  • Endless Entertainment – put together an entire office all by yourself and you’ll surely still have plenty of time left to do other stuff!
Assembling an office chair can be a learning experience.

You don’t need help installing a new desk chair if the manufacturer supplied clear, detailed instructions. If you decide to hire someone else, just make sure they came recommended and aren’t going to scam you out of money. Check the reviews provided by local customers as well as those who have previously hired them for office installation services. Your chances are better with someone more experienced than those without any experience whatsoever.

How do I assemble an office chair?

Although the specific procedure of assembling an office chair would vary from brand to brand, here is a general protocol that you must follow to easily assemble any office chair.

  • Step 1 – gather all the parts needed for assembly. This is pretty much self-explanatory, but if you can’t find something or some part was lost in shipment, contact your customer service representative. They should be able to help you.
  • Step 2 – place a rubber mat in an area where there’s plenty of space to move around and work without the risk of breaking anything unnecessarily. The wheels on an average-sized desk chair can inflict serious bodily harm when working around other obstacles like cabinets and bookshelves placing it directly on a wooden floor might not be the best idea unless you want to accidentally drill holes into the floorboards while trying to assemble! Rubber mats are available for purchase at office stores or can be found online, usually under $10.
  • Step 3 – once you’ve selected a suitable work area, begin removing the screws from the office chair box and laying them according to size and shape on the rubber mat. You should have a set of screwdrivers on hand for this task. If not, they can be purchased at office supply stores or hardware shops like Home Depot or Lowes.
  • Step 4 – trying to find which screw goes where before attempting to assemble your office chair may seem tedious but it’s important to prevent mistakes that could result in serious injury while assembling office chairs as well as mistakes that could void your warranty if you’re lucky enough to have one!
  • Step 5 – next, remove all office chair parts from the office supply box and lay them on the rubber office mat in front of you. Now would be a good time to make sure you have everything that’s supposed to be there, if any are missing contact your customer service representative again
  • Step 6 – place all office chair parts in order according to size or number according to instructions included with your office chair. If there aren’t any assembly instructions, which is rare, then consult online resources for an assembly manual specific to your office chair model
  • Step 7 – tighten any screws that require tightening until no more can be tightened then proceed to loosen those where necessary because it’s much easier doing this before attaching pieces rather than after
  • Step 8 – assemble each piece according to the office chair assembly instructions included with your office chair or those you were able to find online. If neither are available, refer to office chair assembly manuals for similar models
  • Step 9 – once all pieces have been assembled according to office chair assembly instructions, make sure that all bolts and screws are tightened securely and not loose where they could be knocked loose by accident while using your new office chairs
  • Step 10 – don’t forget step 1! After you’ve assembled your new set of office chairs, there’s one more thing left before you’re free from bondage, testing them out! Take a seat on your brand spanking new desk chairs, lean back in comfort, and enjoy using them every day for years.

Do office chairs come apart?

Yes, office chairs come apart easily with the right tools. A screwdriver is usually needed but sometimes a hex wrench is included in one of the office chairs pieces that need to be assembled.

Final Thoughts

Office chair assembly is easy. If you’ve read this blog post, and the steps that we have provided seem too daunting then don’t worry! We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to drop an email. Cheers.

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