Do office chairs have brakes?

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  • Date: August 28, 2021
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Do office chairs have brakes?

It’s the question that has been on all of our minds- do office chairs have brakes? The answer is yes. Office chairs are equipped with brake levers that allow you to stop at a moment’s notice.

However, these levers can often go unnoticed by those who aren’t familiar with them- like say, for instance, an employee just starting their first day at work.

Luckily for new employees, they will be instructed on how to use the chair and what each lever does as part of their orientation process!

Functions of office chair brakes

Office chair brakes are levers located under the chair that allow you to stop the spinning of the wheels. Following are the functions of office chair brakes and how they can make your life easier.

To lock the chair in a place

By pulling these levers you can quickly bring your chair to a very abrupt stop, or even lock it in place so that you can get up and work without forcing your wheeled office chair across your office floor.

Precise control

Your brakes will also allow for more precise control- moving forward slowly or making smaller turns as is necessary while sitting at your desk! Chair brakes are a blessing.

After using them once, you won’t ever be able to work without your brakes again!

Chair safety

Brake levers are especially useful for when you need to quickly stop after typing away at your computer or accidentally rolling into something. These levers allow quick and safe stopping in situations that would otherwise render a wheeled office chair useless- particularly on hard floors!

Doing this not only keeps the user safe but also prevents damage to the chair’s wheels and potentially valuable items that could get knocked over while moving!


Office chairs with break controls make sitting more comfortable. People who have to sit for long periods of time rely on things like chair breaks and seat angle adjustments to provide them with the best comfort possible.

Especially people who have to work in an office for hours want comfortable furniture. So it’s imperative that they are provided with all of the tools possible to make them as comfortable as possible!

Prevent injuries

Offices with hard flooring like tile and laminate may require extra caution because these floors tend to be harder for wheeled chairs to traverse than carpet and other materials. The ability of chair brakes to maintain a balance is extremely useful on any kind of flooring so that you don’t have to worry about damaging anything hurting yourself!

Related Questions

Are there different types of brakes?

Yes, there are three main styles of brake mechanisms found on most office chairs today. These include single action, double action, and pneumatic (air). Each one serves a specific purpose depending upon the level of recline that is needed at any given moment. Single action brakes typically are spring-loaded which allows

How do I use my office chair breaks?

Using your brake levers is easy! To get them set up properly, sit on your office chair and pull the lever nearest to you down as far as it will go.

Once you have done this, adjust both levers so that they

When you want to release the brake and start moving again, simply pull up or down on the lever until it clicks into place

Where office chairs brakes are located?

The brake is located on the back of the chair and can be operated by pulling up or down on the lever.

What if my office chair doesn’t have brakes?

If you’re using an office chair that doesn’t have a brake, such as some wheeled chairs, make sure to periodically push against it with your feet while working so that it stays at rest.

How many types of office chair brakes are there?

There are three main types: single-action break, double-action brake, and pneumatic. Each has a slightly different mechanism. Let’s see what’s special about each of them:

Single-action brakes

With a spring mechanism, and you just have to pull the lever down. When you release it, your chair will stay in its current position. What’s special about these brakes is that they are easy to use and many people prefer them.

Double action brakes

Double-action brakes are a bit more complicated. They have two levers: one that locks/unlocks the wheels, and the other that changes the chair’s position (tilt).

It’s up to you how you will configure it, but both actions need to be activated separately. The tilt can be adjusted with just one hand, while lock/unlock requires the other hand.

Pneumatic brake

Pneumatic brake is considered an upgrade option because it allows for precise adjustments of your seat angle without any trouble!

Some office chairs come equipped with this kind of brake system by default. However usually users who require these kinds of controls adjust their chairs accordingly.

What material is an office chair break?

Office chair breaks are mostly composed of metals and plastic materials.

Is it important to adjust the brakes on my office chair?

Every office chair requires you to adjust the positions of your breaks for maximum comfort. Adjusting them is absolutely essential if you want to be able to make full use of your brakes!

Final Thoughts

So remember- office chairs have brakes! You should always use a chair’s brake in any situation. They are under your seat, closest to the floor.

Experts recommend sitting close enough in your chair so that you can reach down and pull the levers when you need them.

So make use of these chair brakes, and make your job sitting time more pleasant. Remember Safety first!

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