Do white office chairs get dirty?

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: August 7, 2021
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Do white office chairs get dirty?

The short answer is yes. White office chairs are the most common because they look clean and bright in any business environment. Unfortunately, when you have people sitting on them all day long then they get dirty very quickly! The stains don’t show up as much on a white chair because there are so many colors that they can match with your decor – particularly if you’ve just painted your walls.

What kind of marks do white office chairs get?

They’re going to pick up stains from coffee, tea, and food spills, and also from different colored clothing items such as blue jeans or yellow shirts.

If someone comes into work wearing red lipstick then this will leave some marks too. I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of trying to wipe the lipstick off our faces after kissing a loved one, so imagine how much more difficult it is to remove from plastic!

The stains can be very hard to get rid of. They may just look like a few marks but these are often embedded in the material and will take a lot of scrubbing with cleaning products and detergents before they disappear.

Some of them can leave behind white streaks which basically means that you haven’t managed to completely remove all traces of the color or substance that was there previously.

These are also very hard to get out completely, but as well as looking unsightly on your chairs, they’re not particularly pleasant for people who are forced to sit on them either.

Cleaning white office chairs may not be easy.
Cleaning white office chairs can be challenging

What can you do to avoid all of this?

The most obvious solution is to buy black office chairs. Black doesn’t show dirt, or at least it shows marks less dramatically than white or cream-colored office chairs do.

Even better would be to get clear plastic ones so that they don’t need cleaning! This may sound a bit eccentric but there are some people who actually like solid transparent plastic office chairs because they look futuristic and modern in a business environment. If you want a really clean-looking desk then this can make your whole office seem more professional.

Why aren’t clear plastic chairs the right answer for every workplace?

Well, let’s face it; clear chairs just wouldn’t fit in with the décor in most offices are they would stick out like sore thumbs! They might work in certain commercial situations but not in every office. You might like the look of them, and your customers may be impressed by them too, but they aren’t going to blend into the decor of your building.

Also, remember that clear chairs are very cold so people won’t get as comfortable sitting on them for hours at a time as they would with black ones for example. This means that you need to provide extras such as cushions or warm blankets for staff who are more likely to suffer from draughts throughout the winter months.

The same applies if you put clear plastic chairs outside during wintertime – it can be extremely uncomfortable being sat on one chair all day long when there is snow surrounding you! You wouldn’t want to be a member of staff working in conditions like this so you should really think about the practicalities of this before making a decision.

The best solution then?

So why don’t we just all go and buy black chairs? Well, clearly some businesses still do! There is no reason why you can’t get white or cream-colored ones as well and sell both types to your office clientele.

The answer is getting the right balance between maintaining an attractive workspace and keeping it clean at all times. White chairs will always need to be cleaned, but if they’re kept clean then there won’t be any problems with them at all. However, if you have people who are slovenly; who leave their cups on them for hours without remembering to remove them when they leave, then it’s going to be very hard for you to keep your chairs looking good.

Therefore having at least one plastic chair in your work area is probably the best solution all around.

Related Queries

What can I use to clean white leather chairs?

Don’t use a damp cloth as it can stain the surface.

If you’re using a damp cloth to clean white leather chairs, you’ll end up staining them and they might even look dull after having been wiped with a wet rag.

These are extreme examples of what might happen if you overdo it while cleaning white office chairs with water or too much detergent. Make sure the chair is dry before sitting in it again!

The solution? Use rubbing alcohol on a dry cloth to wipe off dirt and stains from white leather furniture, like this example below:

Some people have asked me if rubbing alcohol will remove permanent markers from white leather.

The answer is yes, it will… but there is a catch! It doesn’t work instantly when you try to clean white office furniture with rubbing alcohol. You have to rub the marker away for quite some time until the liquid removes all traces of the ink. Sometimes this may take hours!!!

If you’re up for such an arduous task then get some pure (100%) rubbing alcohol and start wiping your white office chair covers in circular motions. Rubbing alcohol smells funny at first so don’t spray too much of it on or things might start looking funny if the fumes are getting to people’s heads!!

Regular cleaning of office chairs could prolong chairs’ life.

How often should office chairs be cleaned?

Well, it depends on how dirty they get or not.

No office chair should be cleaned before it gets too dirty, but there’s a difference between something that is unclean and stuff that is truly disgusting. It shouldn’t really take more than a day for an average-sized workplace to be able to whip up some kind of cleaning schedule for the chairs!

Most people are going to clean their own desks every night anyway so why not do the same thing with your chairs?

There are no hard and fast rules about when you should clean your chairs because everybody works differently. One might mess them up on purpose just so they can have some fun while mopping them off and another may treat them with great care by never touching anything else around there

How do I deep clean my office chair?

If you are going to deep clean your office chairs, you should make sure that the entire chair is completely disassembled.

A very important part of this process is to be sure that any areas where dirt gets trapped during normal wear and tear are cleaned out! This probably includes all joints, hinges, cushions, arms, and backrests.

Just check everything carefully before putting it back together again properly or else your chair won’t fit into its correct form when you’re done cleaning it!

Whichever way you choose to clean your office chair, it will always look better if you use a mild detergent with warm water instead of plain water alone. A detergent has been specifically designed to remove grease from different surfaces so is perfect for cleaning up dirt from a desk chair.

Now you can follow these steps to clean your office chair:

  • If the fabric or leather covers are removable, remove them before cleaning your office chair.
  • If they’re not, use a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner attachment to get rid of any loose dirt or debris that’s inside the chair itself.
  • Wipe it down well with some warm water (or damp cloth) so that all the surfaces are completely wet.
  • Make sure you leave it at least 24 hours to dry out completely!
  • Re-assemble your chairs in their correct form once they have dried out completely!
  • Test them for comfort by sitting on them for awhile before leaving them outside under direct sunlight or else they might crack!!!

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