20 Surprising Facts About Office Chairs

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: August 20, 2021
  • Time to read: 8 min.

What do you think about when I say “office chair?” Do you imagine a big, black leather office chair that is the perfect size for your desk? Maybe you see an ergonomic mesh office chair with lumbar support and a headrest.

These are common images of what we might picture in our minds when we hear the word “office set But did you know that there are actually 20 surprising facts about office chairs?

In this blog post, we will discuss these 20 facts and what they mean for your business.

Fact 1: Office chair is an expensive item, choose wisely

Your office chair is the second most expensive purchase you will make for your business. The first being a desk, and then an office chair. You want to make sure that you are making the right decision when choosing your office chair.

Fact 2: Your office chair can help reduce chronic back pain

An ergonomic mesh back support can reduce chronic pain in the lower back by up to 36%. And not just from sitting at your desk. These chairs are perfect for all-day tasks like assembly line work.

The key features of this type of office chair include lumbar support, headrests, adjustable armrests, contoured seat pan with synchro-tilt control, and waterfall front edge on the seat cushion. (more points)

Fact 3: Some chairs can be super expensive!

Some office chairs like JNOIHF Ergonomic Office Chair could cost more than $4000. Even more, some brands are sold for $40,000 a chair!

This type of chair is perfect if you want to go all out in luxury or have clients come into your office where they will be sitting on this luxurious design! (more points)

Fact 4: Lumbar pillows can make sitting more comfortable

It’s important that your back support doesn’t just stop when you sit down at your desk to work. You need high-quality lumbar pillows so that even after hours of working, you can maintain good posture without injuries setting in.

This way, not only are you preventing pain from occurring now but also protecting yourself from future health problems like muscle spasms and nerve damage. (more points)

Fact 5: Office chair business is in billions!

Another interesting fact about office chairs is their estimated annual sale. You will be amazed to know that the annual turnover rate for office chairs is around $11 billion worldwide. That’s a lot of money!

Fact 6: Lumbar cushion should adjust up to 18 inches high

A well-designed office chair can make the sitting experience much better.
A well-designed office chair can make the sitting experience much better.

When shopping around for an ergonomic mesh back support, make sure that the lumbar cushion can adjust up to 18 inches high so as to provide relief for your lower back while still giving you full movement at desk height without feeling like it’s too low down towards the floor. You may need help getting up from your desk at one point or another during the day.

And when that time comes, make sure you are stretching first so as not to injure yourself while trying to get back up again! This way, everything remains pain-free even after a long day.

Fact 7: A seat pan is 19 inches from the ground

When considering your height, you’ll want to make sure that the seat pan is at least 19 inches from the floor. This will provide enough space for all of your legs and also prevent any discomfort or pain while sitting in an ergonomic chair.

In case you are on the taller side, you must look for an office chair that has adjustable height. Such chairs would give you an extra bit of cushion to increase the height and let your legs relax better while you are working.

Fact 8: There is dedicated space between the back support and seat pan

Ergonomic chairs are designed so that there’s a space between the back support and seat pan which allows air from heating/cooling vents or an air conditioner to reach you. This is so that you stay cool when the weather heats up and warm when it’s cold.

Fact 9: You spend 90% of your office time on an office chair!

The average person will spend about 90% of their day sitting and working in an office chair. And that’s not all they’ll be doing! We also have to take into account the time we spend sleeping.

In order for your body to function properly, it needs some form of movement past just walking around or standing while at work. So how do you go about getting a good amount of daily activity? It may sound exhausting, but try using one such as a treadmill desk so that even if you are sitting down, your muscles won’t atrophy from lack of use! (more points)

Fact 10: Office chairs could hurt your health

We spend an average of six hours a day in the office chair. This means that if we’re not up and about while working, then our body will be too! Such prolonged sessions of sitting can cause various health problems.

Medical experts are of the opinion that prolonged sessions of sitting on an office chair could slow down your blood circulation, make you lethargic, and could even make you obese. For this reason, experts recommend standing up from your chair and walk a bit every hour or so.

Fact 11: Sit back so as to prevent pain

Sitting with your spine straight is very important when it comes to preventing injury from occurring such as muscle soreness or nerve damage. Also, make sure you aren’t leaning forward which can cause discomfort on your lower back muscles over time.

Even sitting upright for long periods of time has been known to lead to problems like deep vein thrombosis due to lack of movement throughout the day- something that needs prevention at all costs! (more points)

Fact 12: Office chairs don’t need armrests

Neither one is right or wrong when it comes to an armrest. They are, of course, helpful if you’re using the chair for long hours at a time as they help take some pressure off your arms and wrists by giving them something to lean on while also supporting your upper body weight.

But then again, not having an armrest can be beneficial because this will force you into moving more throughout the day which helps with blood circulation- another way to prevent deep vein thrombosis from occurring! (more points)

Fact 13: An ergonomic chair with lumbar support is an excellent choice

If you need more cushioning on the backrest but don’t want too much extra bulk, consider getting an ergonomic chair that has a lumbar pillow instead- these tend not to add any height but still give added comfort where needed most.

Fact 14: For tall people, 18-inch adjustable lumbar support is recommended

If you’re on the taller side, make sure to try and find a chair that has at least an 18-inch adjustable lumbar support. This is so that your spine doesn’t suffer from any undue pressure or strain even after being in one position for too long. Otherwise, vertebrae can start pinching together which will lead to numbness down into the legs as well as other possible physical issues!

Fact 15: When lifting heavy chairs, take care of your back

Some wooden office chairs can be very heavy.
Some wooden office chairs can be very heavy.

Take care of your back by lifting with both arms instead of just one when moving heavy objects such as furniture around. It’s better not to use only one arm because this way there is less risk of injury happening- especially if something should slip out of place while carrying it!

Fact 16: Prolonged sitting on office chairs is not a good idea

You never want to sit in a chair too long without getting up for at least two minutes every hour. Otherwise, your circulation will be cut off which can lead to deep vein thrombosis as well as other problems with your muscles and ligaments being overworked due to sitting all day!

However, do not ever get up from your desk while holding onto something or anything else because this puts unnecessary strain on those joints- especially the wrists. Instead, keep some sort of handhold within reaches such as an armrest or grab bar that is built into most office chairs today! This way you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you get up.

Standing up can be a good thing! Give it a try every once in a while- even if only for five minutes out of each hour- so as not to put too much stress on those lower back muscles which are responsible for keeping us upright.

You might feel dizzy after doing this but don’t worry because it’s just temporary! It should go away within seconds and then you can get right back into working again without feeling like there’s some sort of excess weight being held up.

Fact 17: Backrest is adjustable

You’ll want to make sure that the backrest can be adjusted so it is at an angle appropriate for your height- this way you won’t have any trouble with slouching over, which leads to poor circulation!

Fact 18: Office chairs can be expensive, but they last a long time

If you purchase an ergonomic mesh office chair with lumbar support and a headrest, then this will cost around $250-$300 for one desk chair. However, if you find the perfect match for your business needs within this price range then it is worth every penny spent on it! You’ll have a comfortable work environment while saving money in the long run because these chairs typically last about five years before needing replacement.

Fact 19: Stretch well before lifting desk chair

You may need help getting up from your desk or chair at one point or another during the day. And when that time comes, make sure you are stretching first so as not to injure yourself while trying to get back up again! This way, everything remains pain-free even after a long day.

Fact 20: Some believe it is better to ban office chairs

Many experts believe that office chairs should be banned in offices. It’s a debate that has been going on for some time now. There are many who feel as though office chairs should be banned in offices because of the possible health risks they can pose to those working inside them- and there are just as many others who think otherwise, saying that it would not only hurt productivity but also lead to layoffs if this were done!

Final thoughts

In conclusion, there are many things to think about when it comes to ergonomic chairs- but don’t let that discourage you! Just take your time and do some research on what will work best for you. And as always: having a sturdy desk with no sharp edges is also an important consideration. Remember these 25 facts the next time you go shopping for an office chair or find yourself at work trying out one of theirs!

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