How much does it cost to ship an office chair?

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  • Date: August 24, 2021
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How much does it cost to ship an office chair?

Do you know how much does it cost to ship an office chair? The short answer is anywhere between $20 to $250.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about why so many companies choose to rent furniture instead of moving the old furniture to the new site when they relocate. One reason for doing this is that moving costs are expensive.

This article will give readers a look into what these costs entail as well as provide some strategies on avoiding them while living with their newly purchased (or rented) pieces too!

The cost of shipping will vary depending on various factors.

Following are the factors on which shipping charges are contingent upon:


First thing is to know what your furniture weighs. Keep in mind that many companies have restrictions about how many pounds a truck can carry so they may consider you overloading their truck if you put too much weight on it so check this out before getting them involved!

The more weight of your chair, the more charges will be applied. An average-weight chair costs about $25 to $40 to ship.

Size of chair

The length, width, and height of your chair will be taken into consideration when calculating its shipping cost. In general, transportation charges of the small chair are anywhere between $20 to $30, that of a Medium is $30 to $40, and that of a Large Chair is $40 to $50.

This is why having the measurements beforehand is critical so that you can avoid any surprises or additional charges later on.

For example, if your desk/chair combination is too tall for a residential elevator in New York City (over 6000 mm), it would need an express delivery service at extra cost.

If you’re shipping within the US, it may cost around 50$ to 100$. On the other hand, shipping across the country may cost up to 300$.

Size of the building where you are going to install the furniture

If you’re going to move stuff up or down some stairs, use caution as this could increase the costs due to the higher probability of causing damage while carrying that heavy load! Make sure what’s the exact size of building that you’re living in before getting the shipment.


Even if you have an estimate on paper, it’s not a good idea to fully base your shipping cost expectations solely on the quote from a shipping company. Why? Because dimensions and weights can change when objects are moved around and packed up for transport.

It’s always better to give a little extra room rather than get stuck with paying more at the end of the day! For example, don’t pack each chair so closely together that they literally cannot move in one direction because then they’ll likely need another person to assist with moving them out onto the street and higher charges will accrue because of this.

Shipment Speed

How fast do you need to get your items? We’ve seen two situations: one is where people are willing to pay extra dollars for the fastest option regardless of the cost and another one is when people want a cheap shipment no matter how long it takes!

If you’re looking for a cheap shipment, be ready that it will take longer than usual because of shipping companies’ policies and restrictions.

Shipment by sea or air

Some customers think that the cheapest way to get their office chairs is to use shipping by sea. It’s true if you need to deliver your goods a long distance; however, most people who can afford delivery by air will choose this option over shipping by sea. This is because of the two main reasons: it’s more reliable and faster.

On a side note, if you are considering shipping by either of these methods, know that shipping via air may cost 5 times more than shipping through sea/ocean transport.

Delivery Surcharge

Having said all of the above, keep in mind that even though shipping rates vary from company to company according to various factors described above, always add 10-15% of total cost because additional charges may occur during transportation such as a surcharge if the driver has to carry items up or downstairs, etc.

If any item is damaged (obviously due to mishandling by the shipping company) you will need to pay for it.

Insurance policies

The cost of shipment also depends upon whether the company offers an insurance policy for your office chair or not. If you’re using a furniture delivery service, be sure to get extra insurance on your items; this way if something happens (anything!) during transportation, they are going to replace it with no questions asked.

Don’t hesitate to ask many questions about how things work – shipping companies should be happy to answer them.

Company you choose

Just like when planning a trip that involves air travel, knowing upfront the exact cost of airfare can give you some breathing room financially over time and help prevent surprises. Read reviews online before hiring any company or finding a truck rental place and make sure its reputation is stellar.

Customs Duty and Other Taxes

Another thing to consider from the get-go is to check with your local customs office for rates and additional taxes that may be imposed on you by your country’s tax laws.

These are fees you will have to pay when your shipment arrives from the other side of the ocean, so be sure and find out exactly what they are if you’re paying duty/tariff and just factor these amounts into the final cost of shipping.

Ground Shipping

Where ground Shipping an office chair can cost only 10-15% of the air freight rates, you need to be ready that it will need to travel by road. Ground shipping usually takes 3-7 days while expedited and air freight can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Once your shipment arrives at its destination port or airport, it’s then transferred to ground carriers – this takes time and in some cases, you may pay a delivery surcharge depending on how far from your location the carrier has to drive.

In addition to this, shipping charges. depends upon the material of the office chair. Here’s how shipping charges vary from one material of chair to another.

Plastic and wood office chair

Comparing the charges of a plastic chair and a wood chair, the wood chair is considered heavier and bigger than a plastic one. Therefore, shipping charges for both furniture materials vary.

For instance, a plastic chair that is in stock at the store and ready to be shipped may cost around $50 with a ground shipping option via an 18-wheeler. But if the same chair needs to be manufactured, you will need to pay an additional $150. In this case, you may also need to wait for 5 more weeks before it can be delivered because it is going to take longer than usual as well. This is why customers would rather choose wood over plastic material.

Metal and steel office chairs

Shipping charges for heavy materials such as metal, stainless steel, and others depend on the type of material it is. Most often they are very expensive to ship than other types of chairs because they are difficult to handle. It can cost $400-700 or even more dependent upon the weight and size of the item.

Customer advice is that before buying a heavy office chair you should call your shipping company first and ask about specific rates regarding their chair.

What is the cost of shipment of an office chair within the country?

Here is what you need to know: shipment charges also vary from region to region within a country/state.

Urban and rural locations

If your office chair business is in an urban area, chances are that deliveries can be made quickly without a fee.  But if you’re rural location requires hiring a local driver as opposed to corporate vans who have routes set up and planned for delivery times, then this could cause you additional costs in time and money.

From store to the site

Delivering chairs from store to site If you have furniture delivered by van from the store’s warehouse to a site, you may need to pay for transportation costs. This could be more than $100 per trip depending upon the distance.

From fleet management company to pick up location

Chances are that your driver will not have a vehicle ready for delivery at the store itself so there might be an additional cost involved with hiring a truck from fleet management companies. This can cost between $20-30 per day and extra miles charges will apply too.

How much does it exactly cost to ship an office chair Internationally?

In general, if you are shipping your office chair via a cheap company, it may cost you up to $250, but beware of the hidden costs as stated above. A professional shipping company will be more expensive than a cheap one. For example, a quality furniture company may charge up to 1000$ to ship a chair to the United Kingdom and around $1210 for Australia.

What is the most budget-friendly way to ship an office chair?

As a rule of thumb, if you’re not sure which option would work best for your needs then go with ground shipping because it’s cheaper and still relatively fast (depending on where you live).

Final Thoughts

To sum up, shipping office chair is a complicated process that can be confusing and frustrating for customers. Remember, any shipping quote you receive is just an estimate, so it’s always good to ask the company what your total fee will be after they assess all dimensions of the product – this includes packing, handling, and transportation costs to get it from one place to another (i.e., local delivery costs). This blog post has given you all the information that you need to know about the cost of shipping an office chair.

So, don’t confuse yourself and choose whichever way of transportation is best for you and your budget. 

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