Is a gaming chair healthier than an office chair?

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  • Date: August 29, 2021
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Is a gaming chair healthier than an office chair?

You may be wondering if a gaming chair is healthier than an office chair. Yes, gaming chairs are healthier and comfortable than office chairs.

Is a gaming chair healthier than an office chair? Yes, a gaming chair is much more comfortable and supportive than an office chair. This is because a gaming chair is padded for comfort, can support more weight, has an ergonomic tilt mechanism, has a lumbar cushion, and is made to optimize your posture.

Gaming chairs are designed to provide the best ergonomic support while also being comfortable enough to keep up with marathon games sessions. They’re designed to encourage better posture and reduce pressure on your spine, which can lead to fatigue and back pain.

This post will help you figure out how gaming chairs are healthier than office chairs a whether investing in a gaming chair is worth it! 

Let’s begin!

What is a gaming chair?

But what is a gaming chair? Does it look like a regular chair?

The term “gaming” chair comes from the fact that they’re usually found around PC gamers’ desks, but you can also find them as home theater seating for your Xbox or Playstation.

A gaming chair is not different in appearance from an office chair. It’s just bigger and bulkier, with the ability to support more weight over longer time periods without breaking.

13 reasons why gaming chairs are healthier than office chairs

Here’s how gaming chairs are healthier than office chairs:

Ergonomically designed

Where gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to keep your back and neck in a good position, office chairs are just regular chairs with armrests.

Padded for comfort

Gaming chairs are usually padded to reduce pressure on your spine and legs, reducing fatigue over extended gaming sessions. This can also help to avoid putting strain on your back muscles, which can lead to muscle and back pain over time. Where office chairs just consist of a basic metal frame and plastic armrests, gaming chairs are padded with better quality materials for extra comfort.

Supporting more weight

Gaming chairs support more weight than regular office chairs. A standard office chair is designed to hold up to 220 pounds, while the average gaming chair can usually hold around 350-400 pounds without breaking.

Backrest reclines

The backrest on a gaming chair reclines so you can adjust it in multiple positions for when you want more back support or unweighting from your lower back. Office chairs’ backs typically don’t tilt at all since they’re not designed to be used over long periods of time.

Lumbar Cushion

Gaming chairs often include a lumbar cushion which helps to reduce pressure on your lower back, which can lead to fatigue and back pain over time. Whereas, most office chairs don’t have lumbar cushions.

Seat size

Gaming chairs come in all shapes and sizes, with some having larger seats to fit the gamer’s lower body. Where office chairs are typically smaller than gaming chairs, allowing you to sit for long periods of time without suffering from fatigue or back pain. Gaming chairs provide additional support for your thighs and allow a more custom sitting position than office chairs.


Gaming chairs have an extra leg rest for added stability, which helps to prevent them from wobbling when you’re gaming or switching positions. Office chairs are often wobbly and take up a lot of space in your office, making it difficult to squeeze through tight spaces.

Reclining armrests

What makes gaming chairs great is their structure to keep your arms supported. They often come with fully adjustable arms that you can use while playing to reduce strain on your shoulders. Where office chairs don’t have armrests that are height adjustable, gaming chairs usually do since people play for extended periods of time and need somewhere to rest their arms.

Ergonomic tilt mechanism

The ergonomic tilt mechanism not only allows a greater range of motion, but also allows you to lock your chair in a certain position. This is useful if you want your back to be more upright or hunched over for gaming purposes.

Office chairs don’t usually come with this feature, so they’re often used in awkward positions that tire out the user’s muscles and joints over time.

Warranty Provided

A high-quality gaming chair will include a warranty that protects against the manufacturer’s defects. Office chairs are not usually made of the best quality and this is why they often come with no warranty at all, where gaming chairs have warranties to show that you can trust what you’re buying.

High-quality materials

Gaming chairs are made of more durable materials than office chairs because there is a need to be more sturdy. This is because when a gamer is playing, they’re in the zone and don’t notice all of the movements their chair makes.

Where office chairs are often more lightweight, gaming chairs are heavier and sturdier, so that way they’re not moving around on you while you’re playing. In general, your gaming chair is less likely to fall.

Adjustable features

Gaming chairs usually have adjustable features such as height, armrests, reclining angle and more so you can adjust them to fit your physical needs perfectly. Office chairs are not designed with that kind of flexibility and in general, don’t have many adjustment options at all.

Optimizing the posture

Another reason many people don’t know why gaming chairs are better than office chairs is their ability to optimize our posture. The reason why our spine is not completely straight when we sit down has to do with the angle of the hip bones and back.

The higher your hips are, the more pressure you feel in your lower back and vice versa. Gaming chairs can be adjusted so that it forces you to have better postural alignment than an office chair. Whereas an office chair doesn’t have the same structure, so it doesn’t improve our sitting posture

Relates questions

Is a gaming chair worth buying?

Gaming chairs are definitely worth it! They’re of great quality and will last for years. Most of the time, they’ll have the same appearance as an office chair while offering more comfort and support benefits.

What makes a good gaming chair?

A quality ergonomic seat will have thick padding on the bottom of its shell so you can sink into it comfortably. Make sure to compare the thickness of other chairs’ padding when shopping for your new chair, if possible!

It should also be easy to adjust, especially up and down height-wise and back angle-wise (which affects how much lumbar support it’ll have).

How much do gaming chairs cost?

Gaming chairs range anywhere from $75 all the way up to several hundred. It’s better to spend more for a high-quality product than go cheap and end up buying again in the future!


In a nutshell, gaming chairs are definitely healthier due to the ergonomic design and comfort levels as well as being made to hold more weight without breaking. They support better posture which can reduce strain on your spine significantly while also reducing muscle fatigue over extended play sessions.

So what are you waiting for? Get a gaming chair for your home or workplace and enjoy sitting with comfort!

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