Office chair base hits ground – Reasons & Solutions

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: August 20, 2021
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Why my office chair base hits ground? Office chairs are something that we see every day, but not many people think about how they work. A lot of office chairs have a base with casters so the chair can be rolled around on hard surfaces like carpeting. This is a really good idea as it makes office furniture easier to move from one place to another.

However, if you find that your office chair’s base keeps hitting the ground when you roll it back and forth in your office space then there might be one of the following issues with your office chair.

Possible reasons why your office chair base is hitting the ground

Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why office chairs could hit the ground and how to fix these issues.

The base of the chair is cracked

The most common reason why your office chair base hits the ground is that the base of the chair is cracked. As a result, when you sit on the chair, the cylinder of the chair is forced downwards and it touches the ground.

This is a frequently reported problem in low-quality chairs. Usually, chairs with plastic bases exhibit this problem.

Caster wheels are loose

Another common reason why your office chair base hits the ground is that either the caster wheels need to be tightened or lowered down more than usual (or raised up more than usual depending on the office chair), or that your office flooring is too low.

Uneven flooring

Another reason why your office chair’s base may hit the ground could be that you have some type of flooring in your office, like carpet or tile, where there is not enough clearance between it and the height of an office desk.

The office chair base is not secured to the floor properly

Another possible reason for office chairs hitting the ground could be that there isn’t enough adhesive on either side of the office furniture. You’ll want to make sure that everything is securely attached so it doesn’t keep hitting the floor or moving around when a person sits in an office chair.

A person is too heavy

Lastly, if none of these reasons seem to be causing the office chair base to hit the ground issue, your office furniture may not have been designed with enough weight capacity. It’s possible that a heavier person sits on an office chair than it was made for and this causes some movement or instability in the office furniture design. In cases like these, you’ll want to find one that can support more weight.

How to fix a chair when its base is hitting the ground?

Here are some quick tips on how to fix a chair when its base is hitting the ground:

  • To raise caster wheels, unscrew them and adjust so they are at least two inches off the ground. To lower the caster wheels again, simply screw them back in place. You may need to make small adjustments to get things just right but it’s a fairly simple process!
  • You can also have someone come into your office space for a quick adjustment if you’re not sure what needs to be done with office chairs in general – we know these aren’t always easy problems when there isn’t much experience involved!
  • In cases where the cylinder of the chair is pushing through the base of the chair, the solution is to replace the base of the chair. However, it is not always an ideal solution as the base of a chair sometimes costs as much as a new chair.

In addition to the above-mentioned general tips, you might also want to read the specific procedures to fix the issue in your office chair.

How to replace the base of an office chair?

In order to replace the base of an office chair, you’ll need a drill and screwdriver.

To start, use your screwdriver or drill to remove all screws from the cylinder (this should be easy as it’s not hidden by any parts). Next, unscrew the caster wheels and pull them off of the metal rods that are sticking out at an angle in one corner of the office chair.

Lastly, place a new plastic base on top with either rivets or adhesive glue. Make sure to line up anything that was there before like holes for bolts so they match up correctly!

You may also want to flip over these pieces after getting everything lined up right if you’re using more than one piece just so things can dry completely.

Once you’re done with this, tighten the caster wheels back onto their metal rods and then place all of your office chair pieces back into position!

How do I secure my office furniture?

If you didn’t put enough adhesive on one side during assembly, just apply some more where necessary. If you don’t know how much glue should go where to try using household cement as it’s the best solution for office chairs!

Ensure clearance between floor/carpet and base of the chair

Although it is very obvious, but you would want to make sure that there is enough space between your chair base and the ground or carpet where the chair is placed. This could help you fix the issue of the chair base hitting the ground.

Final thoughts

It’s not always easy to know what your office chair base is hitting the ground issue could be. Sometimes it might even seem like an impossible fix! However, all of these tips should help you out in fixing this problem – whether it’s raising caster wheels or replacing a new office chair base!

Don’t forget about getting someone into your office space for a quick adjustment as well if there isn’t much experience involved with office chairs and their different parts. These are just some general fixes that can work on most office furniture so don’t hesitate to try them before going through more costly repairs. Remember: A little glue goes a long way when securing office furniture too so make sure everything stays put securely in place!

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