Time tested office chair fabric ideas

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  • Date: August 28, 2021
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Office chair fabric ideas

What type of fabric is your office chair made out of? Is it comfortable and does it suit the needs of you and your coworkers? What about the ventilation level and durability factor? 

It’s time to give these things some thought as we take our seats for work. In this blog post, we’ll answer all of the above questions and discuss much more about office chair fabric ideas.

Let’s get started!

11 office chair fabric ideas

You need to choose the best fabric for your office chair. But are some fabrics out there?

Here are top fabric ideas and what people like and dislike about them.

Mesh fabric

It’s a great idea to choose mesh fabric office chairs. Mesh office chairs are especially ideal for hot and humid climates, as well as offices with many employees. They are also great if you work long hours or have restricted movement. However, they aren’t that durable so they need to be handled with more care than other fabrics.

What’s special about it?

Mesh is the best fabric you can choose for your office chair since it promotes good ventilation. Mesh is also very flexible and it comes in a variety of colors, designs and patterns.

Does it have any disadvantages?

The only disadvantage of using a mesh fabric office chair is its durability. Mesh fabric breaks or tears easily compared to other fabrics.

Leather fabric

A very popular choice among office workers is leather fabric. Leather office chairs are mostly used in executive offices and board rooms because of their classy look and luxurious feel.

What’s special about it?

These leather chairs have an elegant look that adds a touch of class to any workplace setting. They also provide comfort and luxury which makes them perfect for those with sensitive skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Furthermore, they are breathable and flexible, they don’t get warm even after extended hours of use.

Does it have any disadvantages?

Another thing to note is that leather is a hot fabric so your body tends to sweat when you sit on them for an extended period of time. Leather fabric is very sensitive to scratches and if used roughly they get worn out over time.

Leather and Mesh Fabric

You’ve all heard of leather plus mesh combination fabrics, right? Well, that’s exactly what we mean! Leather and mesh combination fabrics, as the name suggests, are a combination of both leather and mesh fabric. This kind of fabric consists of two fabrics combined together to form an even better fabric for your office chair.

What’s special about it?

Mainly, this is to achieve the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing fabrics for your office chair. Leather enhances its durability and keeps you cool while mesh provides an added level of comfort by increasing airflow. These kinds of fabrics come in various vibrant colors depending on your preferences so pick one that suits your style.

Does it have any disadvantages?

Even though leather and mesh combined together make the best office chairs, they still aren’t perfect especially because these two materials don’t go hand-in-hand with each other in terms of properties. There is definitely some loss of breathability and they also get worn out faster because most likely, the leather part starts to show on the mesh.

Faux leather

Faux leather office chairs are another excellent alternative when choosing the best fabric for your office chair. Although faux leather isn’t real leather, they are still very good in terms of durability because they are easy to clean and maintain. They also have a textured design feature which makes them more appealing than plain-looking leather materials.

What’s special about it?

It is smooth to touch and offers firm support so you can sit on it for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Since it has a soft appearance just like real leather, it makes an ideal choice for those who look for something different from the usual designs out there.

Does it have any disadvantages?

One disadvantage associated with faux leather is that this kind of material tends to be cold and it doesn’t breathe well which makes you sweat easily. However, since these are not real leather, they tend to be a bit stiffer than usual. Therefore, it will take some time for you to get used to sitting on them before you can maximize their benefits.

PVC Leather

Another faux leather alternative is PVC leather because of its resemblance to traditional genuine leather materials but with added flexibility and durability. PVC leather has the same appearance as real leather so it has an impressive look that will surely add style to your office or computer desk.

What’s special about it?

The best thing about faux leather is that there are no animal products involved in their making, unlike genuine leather which uses cow skins. What’s special about it? It is generally environmentally friendly.

Does it have any disadvantages?

The disadvantage of using faux leather comes from the fact that it has low breathability and it tends to get hot which makes you sweat easily. Despite these two setbacks, if you pick the right chair fabric then comfort is not an issue at all.

Vinyl Fabric

If you’re looking for a chair fabric that provides a great deal of comfort and luxury then a good choice is vinyl fabric. This fabric is suited for executive office chairs because of its classy look.

What’s special about it?

Vinyl fabric is a popular choice because they come in all kinds of colors and design, plus they are super easy to clean. However, the only downside is that this fabric isn’t as durable as mesh and leather so you have to handle them with care since they tend to break easily.

Does it have any disadvantages?

The biggest problem that people face when using vinyl office chairs is maintenance and upkeep. Vinyl requires regular cleaning after being used for an extended period but the great thing is that stains don’t show up easily on these fabrics so your chair will always look clean. In addition, chairs made out of vinyl fabric tend to smell over time.

Velvet Fabric

Velvet fabrics are a popular choice because of their appearance. However, you have to take good care of these materials when you use them as an office chair fabric because they tend to sag if not properly maintained. Velvet materials should only be used for occasional use such as some special event in the company.

What’s special about it?

Velvet is one of the most luxurious office chair fabric choices available out there right now and it goes well with classical designs.

Does it have any disadvantages?

The primary issue with velvet is that it requires regular maintenance since it can get dirty easily. It also gets stained easily so make sure that you choose a darker color for your seat since lighter colors show up lint and other surfaces while dark colors don’t show stains.

Tweed Fabric

One of the most durable office chair fabrics is tweed. It is an excellent choice because it can withstand almost anything and comes with a classic appearance.

What’s special about it?

Tweed fabric is perfect if you’re looking for something that looks natural while being stylish at the same time. Since they come in various kinds of colors from earthy tones, dark, light, and patterned designs, these materials blend in perfectly with any kind of office decoration without standing out too much.

Does it have any disadvantages?

The only downside associated with tweed material is that these materials aren’t as easy to clean as other options available out there.

Polyurethane fabric

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly material for your office chair then polyurethane fabric (PU) fabric is the best choice since it is made from recycled materials and comes in various kinds of colors. It has a distinctively textured appearance that makes it perfect if you want a unique touch to your ordinary-looking office space.

What’s special about it?

The great thing about polyurethane fabric is that they are durable so it can withstand daily wear and tear of everyday use without showing any signs of shredding or tearing off at its seams. What’s more interesting is that these fabrics tend to bounce back into their original shape after being used for a long period of time.

Does it have any disadvantages?

The biggest and only issue that you need to worry about is the maintenance part because these fabrics are really difficult to clean since they attract grease easily so be sure to use cleaning products made specifically for leather or vinyl.

Natural Fabric

One of the most elegant offices chair fabric choices is natural fabrics because they give you a luxurious feel that plain upholstery just can’t provide.

What’s special about it?

Natural fabrics such as cotton and linen are perfect for people who want to decorate their office space in an elegant manner without spending too much money. These materials only require basic cleaning so make sure that you choose darker colors.

Does it have any disadvantages?

The greatest problem associated with using these kinds of materials is that they tear easily compared to other available office chair fabrics out there right now. In addition, natural materials tend to sag after having been for several years.

Synthetic fiber

If you want a fabric that has a natural touch without the expensive price tag then synthetic fiber is your best choice. This material comes in various kinds of colors, designs, and styles so choosing the perfect one for your office chair won’t be a problem.

What’s special about it?

Thanks to their affordable prices and high durability. This fabric is super easy to clean which makes it an excellent option. However, be sure not to choose extremely light colors because they can show stains more easily compared to darker colors.

Does it have any disadvantages?

The only issue with synthetic fibers is that they tend to lose their original color after having been used for a long time. In addition, they are not as resistant to damage as other available fabrics out there.

Most commonly asked questions about office chair fabric ideas

Which office chair fabric is the softest?

In addition to linen and wool, the softest office chair fabric out there is mohair. If you are looking for super comfortable and soft fabric for your office, go for this fabric. The reason why mohair is considered to be one of the softest fabrics available out there is that its hair is extremely fine.

And if you want a 100% vegan fabric, synthetic mohair is what you need to know about. This fabric is hand-made and feels the same as natural ones.

What fabric should I choose if I want a classy look?

If you’re looking for a classy look then leather is the best choice. Why? Because it looks so classy and elegant that it will surely upgrade the look of your office instantly.

Which office chair fabric is the most budget-friendly?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly material then go for nylon since it is not only affordable but also comes in various colors, styles, and designs. Not to mention that it is water-resistant which makes it easier for you to clean this fabric.

Is there anything I can do to make my chair fabric look even more pretty?

Yes, there are definitely a lot of ideas when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of your old office chair fabric. Suppose you want to change the color of your office chair fabric and you can’t buy a new chair. Here’s what you can do:

If the office chair fabric is suitable for painting, use paint to color it. Use your skills to make design or just paint the whole stuff evenly.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, there are plenty of office chair fabrics out there so it’s important for you to choose the ideal fabric that comes with a reasonable price, comfortable feel, and gorgeous appearance.

And if you want to renovate the existing fabric, just consider the above-mentioned recommendation. Whatever you do, do carefully and enjoy sitting in your favorite fabric office chair!

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