Office chair mat ideas that stand out

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  • Date: August 28, 2021
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Office chair mat ideas

Do you have the right mat for your office chair? If not, we have some great tips to get you started. You need one that is durable, easy to clean, and non-slip.

This blog post has everything you need to know before purchasing a mat for your office chair. Read on to know what type of mat will best suit your needs!

Top 10 office chair mats and what’s good and bad about them

Following are the types of chair mats you can choose from:

Hard Plastic/Glass Chair Mat

It’s a great idea to buy hard plastic/glass mats for your office chair as they are very durable. Also, they usually come in clear, black, or colored options, so they fit nicely with any modern décor or office space. This type of chair mat is perfect for those who want a stylish design that serves its purpose well.


The benefit of this type is that it provides a firm and smooth surface. It can be cleaned very easily, usually with a wet wipe or damp cloth.


The main disadvantage is the slippery surface which makes it hard to balance on. Another problem these mats have is the tendency to crack when exposed to heat.

Rubber chair mats

Another amazing choice is rubber chair mats. The best thing about them is that they don’t slip or slide, even if there’s a bit of water on the floor. They are designed for people who want their chair mats to remain clean. These mats can withstand spills as they are easily washable.


A great advantage of this type is its appearance. When it comes to design aesthetics, rubber chair mats win every time. Not only they are visually appealing to other types of mats, but they come in various colors too. So you can choose one that matches your décor or personality!


Although rubber chair mats look very attractive they’re not as comfortable as people think. It’s difficult to stand/ lay your feet on them for hours.

Felt Chair Mat

This type of mat is perfect if you’re looking for plush comfort without spending too much money. Felt chair mats are available in an array of colors that allow you to select one that suits your décor or personality best!


One great thing about felt chair mats is that they come with a rubber backing which makes them non-slip and safe to use even with hard floors. These mats can absorb the noise from walking around at home or office, making them ideal for late-night work sessions when neighbors might be sleeping!


Not everyone can be a fan of this type of mat as it tends to bunch up and slip around when you sit/ stand on them. Another problem with these mats is that they aren’t machine washable, so cleaning them is difficult.

Mesh chair mat

This type of mat is very popular in the market right now. The amazing thing about mesh office chair mats is that they have perforations which makes them lightweight and easy to transport from one place to another!


These are great for those who want their chairs to look nice without compromising on comfort or safety. This sort of chair mat also helps keep your feet cool during hot summer days. Another advantage of mesh mats is their stable grip because of the rubber backing.


Mesh mats may have a slick surface so they do not provide much cushioning. They’re also difficult to clean as dirt gets trapped in the mesh, making them look dirty/ grimy very quickly.

Closed-cell foam chair mat

If you want a plush mat for your office chair then closed-cell foam is one of the best options out there! Also known as memory foam, this type of mat is soft and comfortable which makes it perfect to stand on for a long time.


Compared to other types of the mat it is very comfortable and provides good cushioning, especially for shorter people who need their chair mats to be at the right height. It absorbs noise which makes it great for working in shared spaces like open offices.


The main disadvantage of this type is that they are difficult to clean because dust gets trapped in the tiny cells of the foam which makes them look dirty after a while. Also, cleaning closed-cell foam can be pretty hard as water tends to stick on its surface.

Vinyl Chair Mat

If you have wooden floors and demand something that’s easy to clean then vinyl office chair mats are the best choice! They provide good grip even on slippery surfaces and they’re also very easy to clean.


Vinyl mats are great at preventing problems such as trip hazards or slips because of their anti-slip nature. They are available in a wide array of colors which makes them perfect for people who prefer stylish chair mats without compromising comfort!


One problem with vinyl office chair mats is that they may develop ripples over time which greatly affect the security features offered by these items. Also, they tend to curl up at the corners after some time which causes you to trip and fall while attempting to walk around your workspace

Stainless steel

Although this type of chair mat is the least comfortable out there, it’s still a lot better than having no mat at all! Stainless steel mats are also very safe as they have no sharp edges and provide good grip even on slippery floors.


One great thing about these mats is that they are durable, quite easy to clean, and supportive of your flooring. Another advantage of stainless steel office chair mats is their lightweight design.


The main problem with these mats is that they’re not comfortable if you have foot problems like plantar fasciitis. Moreover, steel mats don’t come cheap and may rust if they get wet so these items are not for the casual user.

Bamboo chair mat

Another super affordable chair mat is the bamboo chair mat. It offers the same quality as plastic, vinyl, or steel but is way more durable and environment-friendly.


Bamboo mats are easy to clean and very lightweight so you can easily transport them from one place to another. In addition, these chair mats tend to bend and become bumpy over time.

Titanium office chair mat

These are by far the best choice for people who have foot problems. They offer an amazing level of cushioning so you can use them all day long without developing foot pain or aches in your knees or hips!


One major advantage of titanium office chair mats is that they provide excellent support which makes them especially good for people who have foot issues. These super comfy items also absorb shock and minimize vibrations which reduces the risk of developing joint pain.


The main drawback of titanium mats is that they are usually quite pricey which makes them a bad choice for those who have to buy multiple chair mats. In addition, these mats are heavy and require some effort to move around your workspace.

Polycarbonate chair mats

Another type of office chair mat is the polycarbonate mat. These items are very easy to clean and they provide good grip even on polished floors.


These mats are resistant to stains and some chemicals like bleach or paint remover which makes them suitable for use in warehouses offices


The main disadvantage of this type of mat is that it’s not as durable as steel but more expensive than other types such as vinyl and bamboo.

5 alternatives to office chair mats you haven’t considered before!

So you don’t owe a chair mat for your office, and you can’t afford to buy one. No problem. Here are some alternatives that will make your office a safer and more comfortable place to work in.

Yoga mat

One great alternative to office chair mats is the yoga mat. This type of mat offers amazing comfort and support in a compact size which makes it perfect as an office chair mat!

Carpet tiles

In case you don’t have a yoga mat. it’s time to make use of any carpet tile you have in your storeroom.

Carpet runners

If you want the benefits of the carpet but don’t have enough money to buy them, then consider using old carpet runners! This way you can transform any part of your office into a more comfortable place where everybody will enjoy spending time working.


If you have recently bought new rags for your home, why not using the old ones for your workplace. These rugs will not only bring comfort to your office but also a touch of color and style.


Another great alternative for office chair mats is table mats which usually come as single items. If you need a cheap yet effective way to make your workspace more comfortable, this might be the right choice for you!

Ideas to decorate your office chair mats

To make your office chair mats more attractive and comfortable to use, here are some ideas you can implement in your workplace.

Color them

Instead of using flat colors for your office chair mats, you can consider painting them with a fresh and eccentric color. The great thing about this idea is that it’s easy to apply and also cheap compared to other mat painting ideas!

Cut it away!

If the existing office chair mat is too large, try cutting its edges to give it a new shape. If you don’t know how to cut, look for different shapes of chair mats i.e light bulb or lip shape mats.

Most commonly asked questions about office chair mats

How I can work without an office chair mat?

The answer is very simple: take precautionary measures. For instance, if there’s a pencil sharpener near you, keep your feet away from it. The same applies to desks with things like staplers or hole punches lying around. Those can hurt! If you’re working at home, try to think of ways to prevent this kind of hazard before they actually happen.

Where should I place my office chair mat?

If there are places in your office where people tend to trip and fall a lot then put down a mat right over these hazardous spots as soon as possible. This way you can avoid slips and falls.

Final Thoughts

An office chair mat is an important tool in every office, and it can also increase the life of your carpet as well.

If you are looking to buy a new chair mat, do so only after considering all the recommendations mentioned above. Remember that there are many types out there, and each comes with its own pros and cons!

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