Office chair tilt lock not working – Reasons & Solutions

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: August 20, 2021
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One of the most common office chair problems is that the tilt lock mechanism will not work. This can be a frustrating issue, especially when you’re trying to get comfortable after a long day at work!

Office chair tilt locks are important to office chairs because they prevent people from being injured or killed if the office chair accidentally tips over backward. When office chairs aren’t set up properly, then there’s a risk of them tipping over during office chair tilts and this leads to things like crushed livers, spinal cord injury, suffocation (due to someone falling face down into their own vomit), broken necks among other injuries that can be fatal.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some office chair tilt locks not working solutions and how to fix them.

Office chair tilt lock not working – What could be the reasons?

Before we fix any problem, it is important to understand the problem. Here is a list of some of the main reasons why your office chair tilt lock might not be working. Once we understand what could be the root cause of the problem, we can then discuss possible solutions to fix it.

Check if the tilt lock is turned on

If your office chair tilt lock is not working, the first thing you should do is check to make sure that it’s actually turned on.

To activate or turn off the office chair tilt lock mechanism, all you need to do is push a button near the lever arm where the seat meets with the back of your office chair (usually there will be some sort of diagram explaining what this means).

You can usually find these buttons by reaching around under either side of your office chair and feeling for them – they should feel like small raised dots on an area just underneath where your hands would rest while sitting in that chair.

Make sure it feels comfortable when tilt lock is activated or deactivated

The next step is if something feels wrong about how things are set up when you’re trying to activate or deactivate the office chair tilt lock.

You might need to make sure that the office chair’s seat height is set high enough so that you can still lean back in your office chair and rest comfortably without having too much of a gap between the edge of the office chair’s seat and where it meets with your torso, or else this will allow more room for things like dirt and hair to get trapped around here when you’re trying to activate office chair tilt lock again later on.

Remove any obstructions

If there are any obstructions sitting inside either side of your office chair near where they meet with its front legs – these could be anything from papers, pens, keyboard trays, laptop stands, bookshelves, etc., then try moving those out first because if they don’t move freely, they can get in the way of office chair tilt lock.

Check buttons where office chairs meet front legs

Fixing a chair tilt problem is easy once you understand the problem.
Fixing a chair tilt problem is easy once you understand the problem.

If you’ve tried these solutions and your office chair tilt locks still don’t work, then try looking for any other buttons around where office chairs meet with their front legs.

This is typically a good place to look if you’re having trouble activating or deactivating office chair tilt locks. It is because all office chairs should have at least one button on either side that does something different (sometimes it might be raising or lowering the seat height while other times it could be adjusting how far forward an office chair tilts).

One set of buttons might control whether the back part of your office chair reclines further than its seat portion when activated.

Look out for chair tilt lock emergency situations

It’s also important to make sure there are no office chair tilt lock emergency situations. Luckily, office chairs typically have a safety mechanism to prevent things as office chairs’ tilts from happening when they’re not supposed to.

This is usually accomplished by having the office chair seat and/or back part of your office chair recline gradually until it reaches its full range.

If you’ve ever found yourself in an “emergency” situation where the office chair’s tilt locks won’t work because for some reason there are no buttons on either side under the front legs (maybe because something has caused them to break off or maybe just due to faulty design), then try pressing down hard with both hands at once while leaning forward as if you were trying to tip over backward.

Office chair tilt lock solutions

The last thing we’ll discuss is office chair tilt lock solutions for when you’re in the office and don’t want to keep getting up every time you need to lean back.

When your office chair’s seat height is set high enough so that it rests comfortably against the end of its recline range, then a mechanism should be built into both sides of an office room as well. These are usually located somewhere on either side below where people would normally sit while working at their desks or sitting around with friends chatting about something.

You can activate office chair tilts by pressing down hard with one hand while leaning forward through this type of mechanism; some newer models might also have a button set up here instead (these types are more common if there are other buttons underneath the front legs).

You can also fix a chair tilt lock that is not working by lubricating the office chair’s tilt actuator. There is usually a small hole in the office chair where an Allen wrench can be inserted to help lubricate and activate the office chair tilts again.

Sometimes, the chair tilt lock may not be working because it is too tight. This is usually the case when office chairs are new. There’s an adjustment screw underneath the office chair that can be used to loosen it up so office chair tilt locks work again.

If you’re still having problems, then try contacting your office furniture dealer or manufacturer for help because they should have answers about how to fix a broken office chair tilt lock problem in most cases – especially if you purchased their products and services from them originally (so this would include retail stores as well).

They will likely give advice on what type of replacement parts need replacing or even send someone out with spare buttons in order to get things working again. This is especially true if there was some kind of factory defect involved that caused office chairs’ tilts.

Final thoughts

You may find office chairs without these types of emergency stop buttons at certain office chairs’ tilts. But, it’s a good idea to have them in place if you can because they’re designed as safety mechanisms for situations that might arise (such as someone standing up from their office chair while the back part is still reclining).

It’s not uncommon to see office furniture dealers or manufacturers offer replacements when office chairs tilt locks are broken and don’t work properly anymore – especially if there was some kind of factory defect involved or poor design during production. This way any user will always be able to get an office chair with working tilt locks no matter what happens!

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