What office chairs does Google use?

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: July 30, 2021
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Have you ever wondered what office chairs does Google uses? Well, wonder no more because we are about to answer that question for you.

In this blog post, we will tell you about what office chairs do Google and other tech giants like Facebook and Apple use. 

Interestingly, there is not much information available on which office chairs does Google uses. However, this information was revealed in the book, ‘Inside Google: The secrets of Mountain View’s mammoth search empire’ by Douglas Edwards.

The author says that this book is based on interviews with more than one hundred insiders at Google or ex-Googlers.

Let’s dive into some interesting facts.

What office chairs does Google use?

Google’s office chairs are custom designed by Steelcase and they cost $900-1000 each. Google also has an entire page dedicated to their chairs, showing the various features of their ergonomic and aesthetic design.

The main thing that makes Google’s chair special is that it has a wide range of tilt capabilities. This allows people who use this chair to have good support while leaning over their keyboard or reaching up for something on a shelf above them (as opposed to many other office chairs which only lean back). 

The casters allow the user to move the chair with ease without rolling over their mouse and keyboard (as opposed to other office chairs which have a “glide” function that prevents this). Not only can people move from place to place, but they can also swivel their chairs around. It is important for Google’s employees to be able to rotate in order to keep track of any meeting happening nearby.

What office chairs does Apple use?

So, what office chairs does Apple use? Apple standardizes its ergonomic chairs on Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. They’ve done this for years, and per a former Apple employee, who has worked there for the past 5 years or so, they still use these exact same chairs (except now they get them refurbished by Apple).

Tech Giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook use high end and customized office chairs

What office chairs does Facebook use?

Facebook is like Apple – they also standardized on the Herman Miller Aeron chair back in 2012.  The Director of Facilities at Facebook was quoted saying: “We spec’ed out the seats to be very similar to the Aeron chairs, by Herman Miller,” said Mr. Holman. “We found them to be very ergonomic and comfortable.”

Should you use these expensive office chairs at your company?

Now that you know what office chairs do Google, Apple, and Facebook use, should your company also consider using them?

Well, the truth is that if Google and other tech giants like Apple and Facebook use these expensive chairs then there must be some good reasons for it. However, as they say – “if you have to ask how much it costs – you can’t afford it.”

Does this mean that your company shouldn’t buy expensive ergonomic office chairs?

No! You absolutely should buy high-quality office chairs for your employees even though they cost more than $100. According to a study by Cornell University Ergonomics Web Site, one chair will last about 5 years before needing replacement. So instead of buying multiple cheap office chairs which will need to be replaced frequently, your company should consider investing in one or two expensive ergonomic office chairs. 

For a small company, it is recommended to avoid very expensive office chairs.

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend that you use good quality office chairs at your company. However, we do not recommend you use the same office chairs as used by Google, Facebook, or Apple because your company probably can’t afford them. Instead, you should find a cheaper alternative that matches the design and quality of these chairs. We highly recommend that instead of spending $1200 on buying one of these high-end chairs, better buy 12 chairs for $100 each. There are some really nice chairs available in this budget that can surely serve most of your needs.

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