What the world would be like if office chairs didn’t exist

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: August 22, 2021
  • Time to read: 5 min.

What the World Would Be Like If Office Chairs Didn’t Exist

The modern office chair has been a staple of the workplace for decades. But, if it didn’t exist? What would our world be like?

The truth is that we can’t know for sure because there isn’t much to compare it to. In fact, when you think about it, the future of work might not even involve sitting down at all!

1. Sitting on the floor

Sitting on the floor is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. In many cultures, sitting cross-legged in a circle is considered very important and respectful.

It’s also good for you! One study found it can reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, and relieve back pain by distributing your weight evenly across your entire body.

Using this traditional seating technique at work may help us to live healthier lives while we do our jobs!

For instance, if computer monitors were made larger so they could be seen from anywhere in a room without being too close to them – or even better yet, used as touch screens like smartphones – then having employees sit on their feet would not only promote healthy posture but also allow people to move around more.

People who work in offices might be able to stay on their feet all day while they use a standing desk or treadmill, too! That would help them avoid the negative effects of sitting for long periods- like weight gain and back pain – without having to stand up constantly throughout the day.

Some offices are already adopting this idea by designing “active” desks with built-in treadmills. Studies show that these types of setups can reduce an individual’s risk of obesity by almost 50%. And even better yet, people report feeling happier at work thanks to increased physical activity during the course of their days!

The future is looking bright for those workers out there who don’t want to sit down just because it’s the norm.

2. Laying down in your desk chair

Of course, not all jobs involve sitting on the floor. Some people sit in desk chairs! What would happen if those didn’t exist?

There’s a good chance that office floors wouldn’t be as dirty with so many people walking around and laying down to do their work.

It may also encourage more standing desks since it takes space for both chairs and desks- something we might need when there are only two of us left working at our company thanks to automation.

3. Standing up to work

It’s possible that the office chair as we know it might not exist in a few decades. One study found that sitting for more than six hours per day increases the risk of obesity by up to 39%. It also raises your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer!

Standing desks have been gaining popularity lately because they allow people to move around while they work all day- something important when you’re spending so much time on your feet.

Plus, standing is better for our health than sitting: studies show it can lower blood pressure levels over time and reduce risks associated with chronic diseases such as type II diabetes.

4. Using a desk with no chair and only a bar stool for sitting 

The ultimate in active work environments maybe a desk with no chair and only a bar stool for sitting.

It’s not as common yet, but it has been gaining traction over the past few years because of its benefits to our health (standing desks have also gotten popular too).

This style still allows people to do their work at an office while giving them the opportunity to move around all day long just like they would if there were standing desks throughout that building instead.

Plus, this option is great for those who need stability during periods when they’re working on activities like writing or drawing since you’ll always feel anchored- even if your feet are up!

5. Working at home, or working remotely from coffee shops or libraries 

Some people might be lucky enough to work from home. Or they may have the option of working remotely by visiting coffee shops or libraries throughout their day for meetings on a regular basis.

In this case, there would still need to be the furniture within reach in order to sit at while you’re on your laptop- but it doesn’t need to take up as much space since it’s not holding up weight as an office chair does!

Lastly, if we started getting rid of desks and chairs entirely and just used tables instead, then maybe someone could even build one that folds down so people can grab it when they want to do something else after sitting down for a while. That way everyone can get some exercise during their days – no matter what kind

6. Getting up and going outside for some fresh air every hour to walk around, stretch, or take a break

One study from the University of Wisconsin found that sitting for too long at a time can reduce your blood flow by up to 40%. That’s not good news considering our feet need our full attention in order to walk around and do other things we enjoy.

A better solution might be just getting up every hour or so, walking outside, stretching- doing anything! It could even help people who don’t usually get enough outdoor light exposure because they work inside all day.

Ultimately, it’s important for us to keep moving as much as possible throughout the course of each day so we’re not stuck in one place where there are no options but to sit down (or lay down) when all else fails. The more active you are while you work, the less likely you’ll be to have negative effects on your health.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, if office chairs didn’t exist we would be less sedentary and have better health. However, it’s possible that the new way of working in offices will allow people more mobility which could lead to positive outcomes!

It also might take getting used to not having an office chair but with some workarounds like setting up a standing desk or bar stool at your current place of work then you’ll be able to get comfortable enough soon enough and reap all those benefits.

Lastly, there are other options for sitting when you need to besides just using your own two feet: such as walking around outside every hour, stretching on a mat while doing activities instead of sitting down (or lying down) or extending one’s desk with a table.

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