Why are chair cushions so expensive?

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  • Date: August 28, 2021
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Why are chair cushions so expensive?

Did you know that chair cushions can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 per cushion? That’s a pretty big range! And if you’re like us, sometimes the price tag is what stops your decision-making process.

The prices for chair cushions can range from $30 to $600 depending on size and style, but there’s a good chance you’re not getting what you pay for!

But before we judge, let’s take a look at the factors that contribute to this increase in prices.” 

20 reasons why chair cushions are so expensive

If you’re wondering why your chair cushion or the one you want to buy is so expensive, you may find the answer in one of the following reasons:

Here are the reasons why your chair cushion is so expensive:

Material Quality

Most manufacturers only use the best and top-quality materials for their cushions because they know you would go back to them if you are happy with your choice. You have to remember that it is in their interest as well since they want to maintain a strong relationship with their clients, especially those who have been loyal customers for a long time.

Manufacturing effort

You may not believe but cushion manufacturing requires a lot of effort and time. It would take a team of highly skilled workers more than five hours to finish one cushion alone. That’s why manufacturers are not shy when it comes to the price. They want to be compensated for all their efforts and time.

High demand

Another reason why your cushion is so expensive is attributed to the high demand. The same goes for other products in different industries like food and beverages. When there’s a high demand, manufacturers would simply charge more since they have no choice but to meet their client’s needs.

Cost of raw material

You may not know this but the cost of raw materials also contributes to the price. When the cost of raw materials used in making chair cushions increases, the price of the product also increases. For instance, if the cost of cotton increased by 10 percent, you can expect that the chair cushion would also be sold at a higher price because manufacturers have no other choice but to follow suit.

Governmental tax

And speaking of costs, one of the main reasons why your chair cushion is expensive is attributed to governmental tax. The price increase due to this factor ranges from 15 percent and 30 percent depending on the country.

Luxury brand

Another reason why your chair cushion is so expensive is that it’s a luxury item. You would be charged more if your product is associated with luxury or branded as such regardless if you are getting a discount or not. Luxury items come with their own setbacks like higher prices.”

Price markups

Manufacturers have a huge cushion inventory in their warehouses because they purchase them in bulk on sale. When retail stores find out about this, they add their own price markup depending on the cushion’s popularity or novelty factor.


Chair cushions are durable. Manufacturers know their usage and they make sure their shape remains intact for years. Also, given the longevity of these cushions, manufacturers have to ensure that it is made from the finest materials and with perfect finishing touches so that they won’t deform or wear out easily.

Design effort

Aside from skilled labor, seamstresses also need time to meticulously craft each chair cushion according to their desired design and pattern. Even if you only want something simple like stripes or circles, they still need to prepare the fabric and patterns before getting started on your order.

This explains why there are custom chair cushions available since it gives customers full control over how their cushion will look like in the end.

Quality of Foam

Everyone wants to have a comfortable cushion for their chair. People who have backbone issues don’t compromise the overall quality of cushion. This is why manufacturers will not compromise when it comes to the quality of foam used in making your chair cushion. The expensive the foam, the expensive the cushion will be.

Comfort they provide

Another reason why chair cushions are so costly is the comfort level they provide you with. The more comfortable the cushion is, the more expensive it will be so you have to think twice if you are willing to pay that kind of cash for a chair cushion.

Evenness of fabric

Another reason why your chair cushion is so expensive is because of the evenness or pattern of the fabric. Manufacturers make sure that each cushion has identical patterns and color saturation before they are sent out to their clients.

This means that if you are paying for a beautifully designed chair cushion, expect it to be more expensive than just getting a plain one. Also, you have to consider how much expertise and labor it takes to design something as unique as this.

Number of laborers involved

There are many processes of cushion making. Each process is handled by a skilled person. And that’s how many laborers are involved in making one cushion. Hence, it is pretty justified since the more people involved in the making of your chair cushion, the higher the price is going to be.

Marketing effort

Some companies who offer their customers chair cushions with patterns and designs are doing their best to let customers know that their product is one of a kind. Hence, they often add more prices just so the end price of their products can be increased.

Hence, before you complain about the price of chair cushions, think again if it’s really worth it! And if you still want to have one for your home or office but you don’t want to spend much, you can always search for non-branded ones.

Showcasing Cost

Shopkeepers want their products to look glamorous and catchy. That’s why they make sure their shop has big lights so that the product looks even more beautiful. They know well that if a chair cushion looks bright from afar, you will definitely buy one for your home or office.

Sales tax

Store owners have to pay sales tax so everything you purchase from them already comes with a pre-calculated price, including your chair cushion!


The general trend is that everything becomes more expensive over time. Economists and financial experts have attributed this recent increase in prices to the increase in population, especially in major cities.

This leads people into bidding for these goods which further increases their price as companies will take advantage of this situation by placing a higher markup on their products.

Status symbol

There is no doubt that expensive home decoration and office essentials have become a symbol of status. People opt for high-priced chair cushions because of this reason. They use it to show people that they are affluent and successful.

Customization cost

It is proven that people who buy customized chair cushions will pay more than those who buy universal ones. This is because these custom-made items are manufactured by exceptionally skilled and expert craftsmen which means each item is actually worth the price you pay for it.

Apart from the above-stated reasons, here is one more reason why cushions are so high in price:

Lack of skilled laborers

Chair cushions are usually handmade. And there is always a limited number of craftsmen who can make this product well. This causes the price to go up because the demand for these products outstrips their supply, making it hard to meet market demands and cutting down profits for manufacturers.

Other things people want to know about the cost of chair cushion

What if I can’t afford to pay for an expensive cushion?

Well, there are many people out there who worry about the cost of chair cushions. And here is good news for you folks: you can buy a quality chair cushion in a very less price. Here’s what you need to do:

Go for non-branded ones

If you want to buy a natural cotton cushion but it is not on the list of your affordability level, don’t worry! You can opt for a cheap and non-branded one. There are plenty of these kinds of cushions available on the market. And still, quality is not sacrificed by any means. This way, you will be able to save more money while getting a decent product at the same time.

Deal with wholesale suppliers

The majority of chair cushion sellers sell their items in bulk so if you purchase large amounts at one time, you will be able to get more discounts which will eventually lead to lower prices per unit. Thus, buying your items from wholesale suppliers might not be such a bad idea after all.

Wait for holiday sales

Another way you can buy a good cushion at is much less price is by purchasing it during the off-peak or holiday season. Sales will always be held at this time and sellers usually offer discounts to attract more buyers.

What if I have no money to spend on a chair cushion?

Here is what you can do: copy the design of your favorite chair cushion and try making it at home.

Yes, you read that right! You can try making your own if you think you have gained enough knowledge about cushion making through blog post _________. Though this may seem a little ridiculous, there are already plenty of folks who have already tried it and succeeded too!

Just make sure you follow every step carefully with utmost patience so nothing goes wrong along the way.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, chair cushions are expensive. And the above-mentioned reasons justify the cost manufacturers and sellers demand.

So, if you think your affordability level is lower than usual, try the non-branded ones. But don’t compromise on your comfort.

Just make sure to follow the recommendations provided in this blog post and enjoy every moment you spend sitting in your chair!

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