Why are chair mats so expensive?

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: July 30, 2021
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Office chair mats. You need them, but they tend to be expensive. The question is, “Why are chair mats so expensive?”

The main reason why are chair mats so expensive is that office chair mats are not mass-produced. Most of them are custom made and crafted from a variety of materials from polyester to vinyl and even natural fibers like wool or cotton (which can be super expensive).

To get an idea of how much your office chair mat would cost, examine the cost per square foot of some popular carpeting choices:

It would cost $0.29/sq ft up to $0.50/sq ft you have Berber carpeting. However, if you want to go more luxurious with a $1-$3/sq ft price range Luxury Harris Tweed Carpet comes in at $3/sq ft. And this is just the material cost, not including labor and other costs of production.

In general, the expensive office chair mats will cost you around $100 (usually more than that), so it’s understandable why people choose to have a second-hand one or use coasters when they can. But that doesn’t mean that you do not have cheaper office chair mats available. In this article, we discuss the key benefits of having an office chair mat, what to know before buying an office chair mat, and our final verdict on whether you should buy an expensive office chair mat.

What are the benefits of using office chair mats?

You might be wondering how much it is really worth to get an office chair mat. It is a valid question considering the price tag attached to them. However, there are some advantages that come with using a chair mat:

1. They protect your floor

Regardless of whether you have carpet or not, you probably don’t want dirt and dust getting into cracks in your floorboard (that’s where mice tend to like to live). Also, if you spill water on your floors it can easily seep through the cracks underneath (which may lead to mold growth).

Chair mats help prevent these issues by covering the gaps between your desk and chairs with their soft surface so that small things cannot fall between the cracks. Office chair mats also have specially treated surfaces that prevent liquid spillage from seeping between the cracks.

2. They don’t wear out as quickly

A chair mat may cost a lot but it will last you longer than just buying new floor mats every few months (if you even have enough for your whole office).

Ultimately, a chair mat will pay for itself. If one of your employees spills coffee all over the place and gets fired because he/she is too incompetent to clean up after themselves then that’s going to happen anyway (so at least with an office chair mat you can avoid having to fork out money for a new employee).

3. They can help fight allergies using advanced materials

If you are allergic to dust or other irritants (like cats shedding their hair) then you may want to look into a chair mat that uses advanced technology like nanotechnology. That way, you can enjoy the benefits of an office chair mat without worrying about breathing in the dust particles or cat dander every time someone walks by your desk.

3. They make cleaning up easier because there is one less thing to clean (unless it gets covered in coffee)

Cleaning up after a mess may not be fun and it also takes time away from more productive tasks. However, there are at least two ways that office chair mats should save you time:

A. You won’t have to worry as much about cleaning spills off your floors because they will be already stuck on your carpet protector or chair mat

B. You won’t have to worry about buying new carpet mats every few months because the office chair mat won’t wear down as easily

4. They are easier to clean than your actual floor.

Depending on your flooring, you may find that cleaning it is a challenge (especially if you have a lot of furniture in your room that gets in the way).

Carpet protector and chair mat cleaning are also much easier for people with limited mobility or who suffer from arthritis because you don’t have to bend down over as far. This makes the work considerably easier for custodians and janitorial staff who spend their day picking up after everyone else.

If maintaining your office cleanliness isn’t someone’s job then consider getting an office chair mat especially if you have porous flooring.

5. They are more hygienic and prevent the growth of germs than carpet protectors or even just regular floor mats.

If you are trying to keep your employees healthy then you should definitely invest in an office chair mat. However, there is one thing that you need to note: This benefit only applies if you have a nonslip chair mat.

A slip-resistant mat will allow people to easily move around without worrying about accidents (which is what they are designed for). But, in addition to providing good traction, most high-quality office chair mats also use advanced technology like antimicrobial nanotechnology so that they can fight bacteria and other microorganisms on their surface (more specifically, on the bottom layer of material).

Office chair mats can help you to protect your floor and add aesthetic value to the room.

What to know before you buy a chair mat?

There are three main things to consider when you are shopping for an office chair mat:

1. Budget: How much do you want to spend? There is a wide range of prices on the market and the average cost for one of these mats starts at around $20. However, this quickly changes if you start looking at even better quality products that can cost as much as $100 or more.

If you have any budget constraints then it is important that you pay attention to price (as well as other factors like durability). You should be able to find a relatively inexpensive product with all the features that you need (or everything but one feature anyway).

2. Size: What is your desk size and what types of chairs do you have? In most cases, you will need an office chair mat that is at least 24 inches wide (but sometimes it can be as small as 20 or 22 inches).

The length of the office chair mat should match the length of your desk. If it doesn’t then you may have to find a different mat because some are only sold in packages and others don’t accept returns (even if they are defective).

You may also want to measure the legs of your chairs so that even if you do get a perfectly fitting mat, there won’t be any awkward-looking gaps if your seat falls below the edge of the desk. However, remember that a standard-sized office chair mat should fit all chairs including executive high-back leather swivel chairs.

Also, be sure to check the thickness of your chairs’ legs. Some office chair mats can accept a higher weight load than others.

3. Materials: What kind of material do you want your mat to be made out of? Do you care about the color or style of it? There are office chair mats that are made out of different things like rubber, plastic, vinyl, and urethane (just to name a few).

You can buy them in black or in colors like gray or blue and some even have patterns/prints on them. Some say that they need an anti-fatigue mat because their legs hurt after long periods of sitting. The reasons for this include circulation problems, muscle fatigue due to prolonged tension, obesity, age), neuropathy (nerve degeneration causing numbness in feet), genetic factors, and more.

Just know that if you want a mat that is made out of rubber, plastic, or vinyl then it will be less expensive than one made out of urethane because those last longer and they are much thicker.

The ideal office chair mat would be non-slip, have antimicrobial features, and have a thickness between 1/16″ – 3/8″. But there is no need to limit yourself to just these qualities.

Are expensive office chair mats worth it?

Now that you know why office chair mats are so expensive, you may be wondering if expensive chair mats are really worth the money.

No one wants to spend a couple of hundred dollars on something like this unless it is going to last them for years and years. But there are some people who look at price as the only option when deciding whether or not to buy something because they think that more expensive means better quality.

We advise that, unless it is inevitable, you must buy office chair mats that cost between 20 – 50 bucks. Most of these chair mats are made of good enough quality and should serve for long enough to justify the price tag.

Consider low-priced chair mats where possible.

Final Words

It is advisable that unless really required, very expensive chair mats should not be purchased. Office chair mat prices range from cheap to very expensive and it all depends on what features you are looking for in the office chair mat as well as how often your desk will need replacing. We have shown you that there are plenty of benefits to using an office chair mat that can help reduce back pain while also prolonging the life of your desktop or tabletop surface. The key takeaway here is don’t spend too much money on a product if you’re unsure about whether or not it’s worth the investment!

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