Why does my office chair not lean back anymore? The answer could one of these 6 reasons.

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  • Date: July 31, 2021
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Office chair recline or why they do not lean back anymore? This is a question we are asked with some frequency.

The answer to why does my office chair not lean back anymore is due to normal wear and tear on the mechanisms which operate the tilt function of an ergonomic office chair. As these parts wear out, eventually so much weight can be applied that they do not recline at all.

It seems it starts off slowly wearing away the mechanism until one day you get up from your desk and you discover why this happened! What follows then is often panic when employees realize their main mode of relaxation

Let’s talk about it in detail. There can be many reasons why an office chair won’t recline back. If you have an office task chair that will not lean back there are some possibilities why this is happening.

Here is a list of seven reasons why your office chair won’t recline back anymore.

Why does my office chair not lean back anymore?

Here is a list of 7 reasons why your office chair does not lean back anymore.

Why does my office chair not lean back anymore? The answer could be simpler than you thought.
Why does my office chair not lean back anymore? The answer could be simpler than you thought.

1. The tension knob is not in the center

If there is a tension control knob on your office chair, then make sure it is in the center (tension off) or turned away from you slightly (tension on). If the tension was set too tight, it can either stop leaning back or even cause the chair to lean back on its own.

Due to this happening, you may want to set the tension level slightly lower than you normally had it in order for your chair not to rock back and forth while you work.

2. Your Office Chair won’t recline because of too much weight on the chair

The weight capacity of a long-lasting and durable office chair is usually around 250 pounds, so if a person weighs more than that amount then it can cause an issue why they would not lean back or move in general. Make sure you have your company’s HR department check the weight capacity on your chair and make adjustments as needed.

If all else fails you may need to purchase a new office chair altogether based on its specifications and recommendations from specifically your company’s personnel.

3. Parts inside the chair may be damaged

Chair adjustment issues can be due to the parts inside the chair that keep everything operating smoothly. If those parts are worn out or broken down after prolonged usage, it may be the reason why does your office chair not lean back anymore.

Unfortunately, this can be an expensive fix to replace the parts. After a certain amount of time, the materials these components are made out of will deteriorate and start to wear down until they cannot perform their intended function anymore.

If you have multiple people using your office chair throughout each day then this can cause premature failure in various parts of the chair. Make sure you maintain the condition of your office chair while also being aware of how long others have been regularly using this piece of equipment as well.

4. Chair bearings may be damaged

The bearings on an office chair are what allow for movement front-back, side-to-side & up-and-down as well as enable rotation when needed. Due to prolonged usage of an office chair and the amount of weight it can hold, the rubber or synthetic components will degrade over time. Eventually, they will become so worn down that they will not be able to support the movement your chair is supposed to have any longer.

5. Caster wheels locks

The problem could be the caster wheel locks on the chair. These locks are there to prevent movement of the chair when it is upright and at a certain angle as well for shipping purposes. There may just need to be loosened so they can spin freely again or perhaps pushed up higher into position.

6. Dirty caster wheels

The caster wheels might be very dirty or even have some debris stuck in between that can stop them from being able to spin freely. If this is the case, a wet towel with warm water and mild detergent applied will help get rid of whatever is causing them not to spin properly.

How to make office chairs lean back more?

Here are a few quick tips to make your office chairs recline more.

Help yourself to recline your chair better.
With few simple steps, you can make your chair recline more.
  • To solve this problem, you can check for loose screws and bolts where the swivel wheel is attached. With a screwdriver, tighten any screws where they feel like they may have become lose from overuse or extended use by multiple users.
  • If it feels like something inside of your office chair’s swivel wheel (perhaps came off or was knocked loose), then take it into your local furniture repair shop where they should be able to fix this problem promptly.
  • Is the chair not moving at all? If so, check out why the casters are and see if they can be tightened as well why using a screwdriver or wrench. This will solve why this issue why your office chair does not lean back or rock properly very quickly.

With these tips, you should have no problems with why your office chair does not lean back anymore! Get back to work with ease by testing out how easily each of these solutions fixes why this problem exists for you in the first place.

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