Why You Should Avoid Glass Chair Mats?

  • By: Sam Shaw
  • Date: August 21, 2021
  • Time to read: 8 min.

Why You Should Avoid Glass Chair Mats?

Use a glass chair mat to protect your floors while you’re sitting at the office? Sure, but there are some things worth considering before purchasing. Read this blog post for details on why these glass mats might not be so safe as they seem!

4 reasons why people use glass chair mats

Generally, a glass chair mat or any other chair mat is used to protect your carpet from damage. It can keep your floor/carpet look like new for years. Glass mats, specifically, provide a cleaner working environment by preventing dirt and dust particles from getting onto your office carpets.

But why glass chair mats? If you have never used a glass chair mat before, you might be wondering why anyone would even use such an item. There are a few benefits that can make people buy them:

1. Transparency

Glass is transparent so the person sitting at your desk can easily see if there is anything dangerous or off-putting about what they’re sitting on.

2. Easy to clean

Glass is also easy to clean compared to other materials used for workplace mats.

3. Stain and odor resistant

Glass chair mats are strong so you don’t have to worry about scratching your backside on the floor. It won’t absorb stains or odors like other types of workplace mats might.

4. Not much heavy

Glass floor mats are neither heavy nor cumbersome which means you can move them around easily if necessary.

3 alarming reasons why you should stop using glass chair mats

Here is a list of all the reasons why you need to stop using glass chair mats:

1. Chipped Glass Could Cut Your Feet

If you have ever broken a glass object, you will know that the edges are very sharp and can cut or injure your skin. There is no way to avoid this because any crack in the glass creates a potential danger zone.

Glass shards could be potentially dangerous especially if they get stuck in between the floorboards or against furniture legs where you can’t see them until it’s too late. These pieces of shrapnel could get embedded into feet when people walk.

2. Can anything prevent cracking?

The answer is both yes and no. It may be possible to prevent chipping by using tempered glass but it’s not guaranteed. Tempered glass can only resist so much force, pressure, and impact before cracking.

3. Damage to other items

Glass mats can damage items on your desk like computer monitors or furniture if they fall. More than the actual cost of the broken item, repair costs could also be a burden to companies and organizations since they have occupational health and safety measures in place.

Can I prevent the damage?

No one can guarantee that a glass chair mat will not cause any damage in your workplace. But to lower the risk, these glass mats should be placed under the chair or desk. You may decide to place them under an item that you know won’t move around too much.

Toxic Chemical Composition

Glass chair mats contain chemicals that are toxic when broken. If your glass mat breaks while using it, it usually does so in small fragments that are hard to see and hence dangerous. Have you ever heard about Secondary Glass Poisoning? It comes from inhaling tiny shards of broken glass over long periods of time especially if they’re lying around where people walk all the time.

Can I prevent Secondary Glass Poisoning?

  • Use paper while sweeping

Don’t sweep up the broken glass into a dustpan and then dispose of it. Placing a piece of paper over the broken shards will prevent them from becoming airborne dust particles

  • Use safety sheets while disposing

Don’t just leave the shattered pieces in your trash can. The safety sheet and its adhesive strips could be enough to keep them intact until they are properly disposed of by professionals

Other disadvantages of using glass chair mats

Following are the other disadvantages of using glass chair mats:

Not long-lasting

If you don’t take good care of them, glass chair mats won’t last long. They could also break even with little pressure so there is no guarantee that it will be around for as long as your carpet does.

Reduction ineffectiveness of business operations

A broken glass mat means that you might need to work without one for a while until a replacement arrives. But what happens if this occurs when you’re holding an important meeting? A broken mat could delay and postpone important business operations which could affect your company’s profits.

Uncertainty over replacement costs

You should be able to afford new glass floor mats if they break but the question is how long will it take for them to be replaced? It depends on who you’ll deal with, whether or not there are other businesses that specialize in glass products, and so forth.

Expensive than other mats

The fact is that glass chair mats are extremely expensive as compared to other chair mats. You could invest in a better chair mat that is more cost-efficient than glass.

Slippery surface

Glass chair mats have a very slippery surface which is a disadvantage if this makes it hard for employees or visitors to move around. This could also put them in danger especially if they are not accustomed to stabilize them on slippery surfaces.

Surface scratches easily

The surface of a glass chair mat gets scratches easily. It may not be visible at first but once it is, the scratches will remain there until you have them replaced. This could make your office look very unkempt and dirty since most people won’t want to step on something that looks like sandpaper.

Heat sensitivity

Extreme heat can damage a glass floor mat so if you work in an area where the temperature gets too hot during summertime then this might not be a good investment for you. It’s better to invest in mats made of silicone material that is resistant to high temperatures.

Difficult to clean

The spongy glass surface makes it difficult to clean. If someone spills something on them, you’ll have to wait for the substance to dry first before using chemicals or wiping it off with a cloth which could take a long time and may not be worth it.

Lack of color options

There are different types of colors for chair mats, so what happens when your workplace needs a particular color that isn’t available in glass? You can’t do anything because of the limited range of colors available in the market.

Lack of padding

Glass chair mats lack padding which means that you won’t have the extra comfort your feet usually get when walking on a soft surface.

10 better Alternatives you need to consider

There are different types of floor mats sold in the market but not all of these come cheap so make sure to know how much they cost first before making a hasty decision. Thus, If you are looking for affordable chair mats that won’t hurt your wallet, the following products could be a good pick:

1. Polycarbonate chair mats

Polycarbonate floor mats are ideal to use on hard floors. They are made from plastic and come with a specially designed underside that prevents them from slipping around on the floor surface. These chair mats could be wiped clean using a regular broom and mop. Their transparency makes it possible for polycarbonate chair mat users to view any items underneath them through their glass tabletop surface.

2. Tile chair mat

A tile chair mat is one of the other highly recommended products often used in home interiors especially if you have hardwood floors or ceramic tiles covering the ground area in your house.  The fact is that these easy to install tile floor mats don’t cost too much either as compared to glass, could last longer

3. Paper mat:

Paper doesn’t break as easily and can be used in the same way as a glass chair mat for certain purposes. So you may want to consider using a paper chair mat until you can afford something better.

4. Tread mats

There are different types of tread mats sold in the market today so it’s best to check them out before deciding on which one is affordable and most suited to your needs.

5. Plywood chair mat

A plywood floor mat may not be as convenient as glass but you can still get a lot of uses out of it if its quality is good enough. When compared with glass chair mats, plywood mats are not only safer but also cheaper. This mat could last longer than expected although they may need maintenance at some point in time. These can also work even on an uneven surface thus making it ideal for hardwood.

6. Granite floor mats

Granite chair mats could be purchased in different designs and sizes fit to the size of your desk or table. It’s designed with special materials that prevent it from slipping on any smooth surfaces. They are also easy to clean even if they have been used for a long time without being replaced.

7. Polyurethane chair mats

If you want to own a chair mat that is safe and affordable, a polyurethane floor mat may be the best pick for you. Polyurethane mats do not cost much but could last longer than expected in some cases. They are also easy to clean and install thus making them highly recommended to use even without any carpet on the office floor. Other types of chair mats include

8.Rubber chair mats

If you love rubber chair mats, these products could be a quick and easy way to protect your floors. They are safe to use because they won’t fall apart easily and could be maintained regularly to keep them in good shape.

9. Wooden floor mats

If you wish to maintain the look of your wooden floors, wooden chair mats may be a better option for you. They are available in different styles and sizes thus making it possible for users to choose the one that is perfect for their needs. Also, they are cheaper as compared with glass chair mats even though they must be cleaned occasionally.

10. PVC chair mats

PVC mats are easily available in different sizes thus making it possible for users to choose the ones that work best for them. They also come with a special design that makes their installation easy as well as safe.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, why buy glass chair mats when you can buy a better chair mat? Glass chair mats are not only expensive but also lead to injuries. It is far better to choose from a range of other chair mats available in the market which offer similar features and benefits with no risk involved! So next time when you go shopping for your office furniture or carpets, do check out our wide selection of floor coverings that will suit all your needs without costing too much money or putting yourself at risk.

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